Clean Vehicle Retrofit Certification (CVRC) Scheme operated on your behalf by The Energy Saving Trust (EST)

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Dear Department for Transport,

Could you please provide me with a copy of any National legislation, Statutory Instrument or other such legal documents or DoT instructions that gives effect to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to operate the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Certification (CVRC) Scheme?

For clarity the CVRC scheme allows the owners of older vehicles to retrofit emissions equipment to convert a vehicle to comply with the EU6 emissions standard as defined in:

I would like a copy of any information and/or legislation that authorises or directs The Energy Saving Trust to ensure compliance with EU Regulation 595/2009 and under what official authority they operate?

Yours faithfully,

Catherine Smith

FOI-ADVICE-TEAM-DFT, Department for Transport

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Dear Ms Smith


Thank you for your email dated 3 December 2019.


The issue you raise would be more readily answered by the Joint Air
Quality Unit at the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs
(Defra). Payment is made directly from them to EST/LowCVP for operating
the scheme.

Defra can be contacted via this portal: [1][email address]

Kind regards


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