Clarify Residence Card rules after 25 November 2016

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Dear Home Office,

I am asking for clarification on recorded information.

On 29 March 2019 the Home Office published a document called Free Movement Rights: family members of British Citizens Version 4.0, available here :


On page 29 of 31 it states:

"If a residence card was issued before 25 November 2016, you must accept that the British citizen was a qualified person during any time spent in the UK, while the document was valid (up to 25 November 2016.)

Where they are also relying on residence after 25 November 2016, you must ensure that both of the following points apply:

• the applicant has provided evidence showing the British citizen has been the equivalent of a qualified person in the UK since 25 November 2016
• non-British citizen family members have held comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI) during any period(s) since 25 November 2016 in which the British citizen is or was a self-sufficient person or student in the UK."

Can you clarify whether this means after 25 November 2016 the British citizen must have been a qualified person for the status of their family members to be valid?

Yours faithfully,


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Dear K.King,



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