Child safeguarding in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Police and Crime Panel Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Northamptonshire Police and Crime Panel,

1. When a child is assulted physically and verbally within an educational setting, what is the procedure please

2. Should photos of any injury be taken

3. Where should an interview with a child take place

4. When interviewing a child should it be a uniformed/plain clothes officer.

5. Should the suspect be arrested whilst investigations take place

6. Is it possible for colleagues to lie to protect a fellow colleague

7. If a child is disabled what is the procedure for an interview

8. If medical evidence contradicts the opinion of a PC what is the procedure

Yours faithfully,


James Edmunds,

Dear Kerrie,

The Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel is a joint committee of the councils in Northamptonshire that is responsible for holding to account the Police & Crime Commissioner for the way in which he delivers his responsibilities for setting strategic priorities for policing in the county.

I need to advise you that the Panel does not have a role in dealing with Freedom of Information requests concerning the Police & Crime Commissioner or his office, or the individual local councils in Northamptonshire.

In this case I think that you should make your FoI request to Northamptonshire County Council as the local education authority. Information about how to make an FoI request to the County Council is set out at the following link:


James Edmunds

Overview & Scrutiny Manager
Democratic Services
Tel: 01604 366053

Northamptonshire County Council
County Hall
Northampton NN1 1DN
Email: [Northamptonshire PCP request email]
Fax: 01604 366223

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