Chief Constable Richard Lewis, Martin McGartland complaints against Chief Constable Jon Boutcher and 'investigation' request by Bedfordshire PCC / OPCC

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Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

16 August 2019 (Time sent: 15:01 - +)

Dear Chief Constable Richard Lewis,

I understand that PCC Holloway of OPCC Bedfordshire has written to you to request that you, your force investigate complaints I have made against Chief Constable Boutcher (since retired - also head of Op Kenova).

Under FOIA I would like to know;

1. if you / your force have agreed (or not) to take on this investigation. If not, please explain reason for refusing to take on the investigation.

2. As well as the above, I would like you / your force to disclose all emails, correspondence and information between you, Cleveland Police and PCC Holloway, her office and staff. That should include all information generated by you, your force, officers / staff relating to this matter / the request.

Please would you ensure that copies of the original documents are disclosed in this request.

I also want to place on the record that I believe there would be conflict/s If you, your force were to take on this 'investigation'. This is due to (but is not limited to) your Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Lisa Orchard (former Northumbria Police - and Head of Crime, my attempted murder case) now being employed with your force.

Fyi - IF you, your force do take the decision to take on this 'investigation' Please be aware - due to above etc - that I WILL immediately make a complaint to the Cleveland PCC against you.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

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Martin McGartland

Martin MCGartland

19 August 2019

RE: Withdrawing this FOI request

Dear CC Lewis / Cleveland Police,

I would like you to please withdraw this / my FOI request.

The reason for this is because PCC / OPCC Bedfordshire (only this morning - 19 August 2019) have emailed me and included the following;

"I would like to offer my sincere apologies, I genuinely believed I had responded to you on the 9th August before I went on Annual Leave, however have found the response in my drafts this morning.
We have been contacted by Cleveland Police this morning and they are unable to take on the investigation".

I will now close this FOIA request (I will mark it as ... information not held ....)

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

Gadawodd Martin McGartland anodiad ()

Jon Boutcher - Aka: Op Kenova - did NOT deliver on his promises that he made to Martin McGartland concerning the review of his 20 year unsolved attempted murder case.

Martin McGartland has said; "Jon Boutcher let me down, he continues to cover up his review findings, his report (which he promised would be disclosed to me). And he is also refusing to answer (and is ignoring) questions I have been asking him about his review of my attempted murder case": Facebook page link here;