Chief Constable Jon Boutcher Complaints 'must be referred to the IOPC' if mentions 'Op Kenova' - Martin McGartland complaints referral...

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Martin McGartland

25 June 2019

Dear Bedfordshire Police,

This FOI request relates to Chief Constable Jon Boutcher and Conduct Complaint/s against him being referred to IOPC/IPCC.

OPCC Bedforshire made a referral to IOPC/IPCC concerning complaint/s against Chief Constable Jon Boutcher (by Martin McGartland).

Within that referral to IOPC/IPCC - and on page 3 - it included following (which is highlighted in yellow) ; "Referral has been made as previous agreement with the OPCC/force with IOPC that if a Chief Constable complaint is received and it mentions Op Kenova - this must be referred to the IOPC."

Under the FOIA I am requesting the following;

1. A copy (copy of original please) of the 'agreement' which is referred to in that referral and also copies of all other documents, understandings between PCC/OPCC Bedfordshire, your force (Bedfordshire Police) and the IOPC / IPCC regarding this request,

As well as the above, I would also like to know;

2. Why complaints, reasons (and the rational behind it) against Chief Constable Jon Boutcher - which 'mentions Op Kenova - must be referred to the IOPC.'?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland on behalf of FOI Team, Bedfordshire Police

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Dear Martin McGartland,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 25th

Yours sincerely,
James Cooper

Martin McGartland

22 July 2019

Dear Mr Cooper,

Thank you very much for the reply.

Kind regards,

Martin McGartland

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Jon Boutcher - Aka: Op Kenova - did NOT deliver on his promises that he made to Martin McGartland concerning the review of his 20 year unsolved attempted murder case.

Martin McGartland has said; "Jon Boutcher let me down, he continues to cover up his review findings, his report (which he promised would be disclosed to me). And he is also refusing to answer (and is ignoring) questions I have been asking him about his review of my attempted murder case": Facebook page link here;