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Stuart Hardwicke CARRUTHERS

Dear Sir or Madam,

According to the management documents of the Commission for Local Administration England (CLAE) the Secretary of State is required to designate one of the Local Government Ombudsmen as Chairman and another as Vice Chair following their appointment by the Crown to the position of Local Government Ombudsman.

Please provide a copy of the written designation of REDMOND as Chair of the CLAE and WHITE as Vice Chair of the CLAE by the Secretary of State.

Additionally please provide a copy of the business plan submitted by the CLAE to the Secretary of State for each year since 2002 when they entered into a grant memorandum.

Would the secretary of State further identify who their Departmental Accounting Officer deals with at the CLAE if no Chair of the organisation has been appointed.

Yours faithfully,


William Tandoh, Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

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Mr Carruthers,

Please see attached response to your recent FOI requests.


William Tandoh

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