CCTV footage of road traffic accident

Sumayyah amaioua made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Westminster City Council

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Dear Westminster City Council,

Last night (04-10-17) at approximately 9:30pm I was involved in a road traffic accident on temple place. The accident involved 3 different drivers, however the driver who caused the accident had gotten away before any detAils were taken. This left me in a bad position as I crashed into the back of another veichle, due to this the accident was deemed my fault. Would it be possible to gain some CCTV footage of the accident to find out the details of the culprit driver? I was driving a silver Toyota Yaris and the car that I hit was a white Toyota Prius

Yours faithfully,

Sumayyah A.

C Barnard, Westminster City Council

Subject access request
Our reference: 6270033


Dear Sumayyah A
Re. CCTV Footage Request
Thank you for your CCTV footagerequest received on 5 October 2017.

As of the 31^st August 2016 Westminster City Council are no longer
processing requests for CCTV Footage. The Councils contract our CCTV
footage providers ended on the 31^st August 2016 and was not extended, as
a result the Council no longer have authorised officers to review and
process requests for CCTV footage. Consequently all Council cameras have
either been decommissioned or are now under the control of the
Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). 

I can inform you that other authorities operate CCTV cameras within the
borough of Westminster, such as the Metropolitan Police, Highways Agency
and Transport for London. As we do not hold any records of non-council
cameras you would need to contact other authorities directly in this

Westminster City Council would to apologies for any inconvenience this may
cause. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully
C Barnard
Westminster City Council
Knowledge & Information Management Team
Tel: 0207 641 3921
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Web: [2]
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