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Dear Information Commissioner's Office,

I have requested and chased Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, for the following information, can you please help me obtain the information?

I do have Dyslexia so I like plain English, where information is explained clearly and not ambiguous to me. I have asked the CCG to explain in plain English before.

thank you

28 April 2021
Dear NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group,

1, Could you please tell me what mid essex ccg form and or process a gp has to use to access a patient's request to choose their NHS provider of mental health care?

2, Can you please tell me if it is necessary to show clinical exceptionality as part of the CCG to access the patient's choice of provider beyond Eput?

Yours faithfully,


7 June 2021


Chasing as waiting for a response to my previous request to NHS mid-Essex CCG

I would like information on the new CCG process (since January 2021) for patients to access the mental health NHS provider/Trust of their choice?

As Mid Essex CCG had agreed to a new process/procedure to access choice in mental health with NHS Improvement in January 2021.

I can provide NHS to confirm that mid-Essex CCG agreed to change its unlawful process for patients to access choice, would you like to see this correspondence?

Prior to this mid Essex CCG was not following NHS England's guidance which is based on statute law (which came in to force in April 2014 so quite a few years ago) on a patients' legal right to choose the mental health NHS provider/Trust of their choice. Putting the choice of mental health provider on an equal footing as physical health for NHS patients.

The key question being does a patient still have to show exceptionality to access choice?
If a patient still has to show exceptionality to mid-Essex CCG to access the provider of their choice as was the case in the old CCG procedure prior to January 2021.
Then Mid Essex CCG is still not following statute law or the NHS constitution on mental health choice which became a legal requirement for the CCG to follow in 2014.

Yours sincerely,


4 July 2021


This request is long overdue

Yours sincerely,


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16 July 2021

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