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Care homes Serious Incidence and Accidents

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Dear Southend on Sea

Dear Southend on Sea Borough Council,

I am requesting under the Freedom Of Information about the following:

1. How many care homes have had serious incidents or accidents that resulted to significant harm to the elderlies from 2019-2021?

2. How are they managed by the Safeguarding Team? How are they dealt with? I need to know actions being taken by the council and safeguarding team to each care home to be able to identify the fairness and equality of the actions being taken. And what measures have been put in place to safeguard theses residents?

3. Are there any difference with the way improvement notices are being implemented or imposed upon the care homes for exactly the same incident or accident outcome,?

4. I would like to know the outcomes such as falls that cause fractures, amputation, delayed treatment and incidents that have cause the elderlies to become permanently bedbound, or improper management, how many death have occurred following a fall, incidents that cause an elderly to have a major operation or incidents such as removal of their body organ how are they investigated.

5. How many care home managers have clinical knowledge or awareness to the seriousness to the health outcome such as delayed medical interventions, medicine related incidents that cause harm to the residents. (What improvement notifications have been given to them? I would like to see a breakdown of each home for the benefit of all the potential residents. As I would like them to see the safety of being in a care home where staff are not clinically trained to deal with serious health problems?

6. How many nursing homes have been taken to the coroners court as compared to care homes? How many incidents of similar failings such as falls causing fracture or incidents of significant, have been taken to Coroners court?

7. How many care homes who have more than 7 residents or more than 20% of their occupancy have significant lost weight from 2019-2021. What actions have the Council taken about this to each and every home?

8. I would like to see some transparency with the way care homes deals with these kinds of incidents as compared to a nursing home?

9. Last but not the least how many of the safeguarding panel are clinically trained to know proper interventions has been undertaken to these kinds of incidents. How many care homes have staff who are able to understand diabetic emergencies, assessment of injuries and how many injuries were discovered days after the event. Do you investigate all of these incidents? Does care homes have the responsibility to report to you incidents that are being reported to CQC. If they don’t how do you monitor these kinds of incidents . What actions are being undertaken to the homes who fail to report or investigate falls? Should there be a one system that can monitor these incidents. Ie. Paramedics who found the patient with diabetic coma a significant event reporting that will alert the council, the doctor, and CQC. Prevalence of sepsis same method so you can monitor and assess the prevalence and make adjustments or investigation t o the care home that continuously fails.

10. What is the safeguarding team policy on dealing with care home, weight lost of residents with more than 5 weight loss, infection prevalence monitoring, unnecessary hospital admissions, unnecessary GP attendance, or delayed GP attendance, sepsis related hospital admissions with or without GP attendance, pressure development in the care homes, incidents of diabetic emergencies. How many of these care homes have good and requires improvement CQC and PAMMS rating, How do you start an organisational safeguarding? What different approach do you provide and why are the approaches different.

Do you treat every care home the same? If there are issues like increase prevalence of weight loss, high or increased number of hospital admissions, increased number of infection, and increased number of GP attendance (number of necessary and unnecessary GP attendance, number of antibiotics, or other treatment being given by the GP without seeing the residents., you pay care home a visit ro you just leave it via phone call or email? Without being alarmed and going to the hone to investigate what actions has been taken.

The reason for this FOI is to analyse how safe the elderlies are in the hands of the care homes with or without nursing. And I wish to know the difference on how the safeguarding team and the social services deal with each and every cases.

I would like to know if these issues are being monitored or treated equally across the board.

Yours faithfully,

Kitty Anderson
Member, Concerned Families and Relatives.

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