Care Charging

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Dear Torbay Borough Council,

Please answer the following questions, or as many as is possible within time & cost parameters starting at #1.
1. How do you calculate the level of contribution that adult social care recipients should make to their care packages?
2. What income are social care recipients allowed to retain, after their contribution to their care package has been deducted?
3. What do you allow as Disability Related Expenses? Please provide a copy of your guidance if this is easier.
4. Do you use pre-payment cards for care payments? If yes can people opt out of using these?
5. Are there any restrictions on what Personal Budgets and Direct Payments can be spent on? Please provide a copy of your guidance on this.
6. Please provide a copy of the guidance document that your authority uses to make decisions on Direct Payment packages.
7. Do you have a contingency policy for DP users. If yes please attach a copy.
8. If a PA is off work sick do you provide extra funding to cover their sick pay – as individual employers can no longer get statutory sick pay reimbursed?
9. "What percentage of Direct Payments rates, that are paid to adults who directly employ their own PAs, are allowed to be spent on the following additional expenses?"
• National insurance employer contributions
• Statutory paid holidays
• Payroll charges
• Independent living insurance
• Advertising
• National Minimum Wage increase from April 2016
• Redundancy payments
• Pensions
• Training
• Contingency funding

Yours faithfully,

Ian Burnip

Freedom of Information, Torbay Borough Council

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Dear Mr Burnip


Further to your request received on 2 February 2017 I can confirm that
Torbay Council does not hold the information you have requested and have
identified that your request would be more appropriately addressed to
Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) who is responsible for
Adult Social Care within Torbay.


To obtain the information you have requested, please contact TSDFT
directly, whose contact details are as follows:


Post: Data Access & Disclosure Office

Hengrave House

Torbay Hospital

Lowes Bridge

Torquay TQ2 7AA


Email: [1][email address]


If you have any queries about this email please do not hesitate to contact
us directly, quoting the reference number listed at the top of this email
in all communications.


If you are unhappy with the Council’s response to your request and wish to
make a complaint please write to Information Compliance, Town Hall, Castle
Circus, Torquay, TQ1 3DR or complete the on-line complaint form that can
be found at [2]


If your complaint is not resolved to your complete satisfaction, you may
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision.


Information Commissioner Helpline: 0303 123 1113
01625 545 745
Wycliffe House  
[3][email address]
Water Lane Email:
Wilmslow Website:

Cheshire SK9 5AF


Yours sincerely




Bee Laithwaite

Information Compliance Support Officer

Torbay Council

Torquay Town Hall

Castle Circus



*: [5][email address]



The Information Compliance Team will aim to acknowledge correspondence
within 3 working days unless a restriction is in place.


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