Carbon savings statistics for Sheffield

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Dear Office of Gas and Electricity Markets,

Please confirm on a monthly basis what CO2 savings have been
recorded by your department for the cladded insulation scheme in Sheffield for the Lansdowne and Hanover estates?

Please give statistics for both estates?

How much funding in total has SCC and their Almo been awarded to deliver energy saving advice?

How much CESP funding has been delivered for
a) The Lansdowne/Hanover estate?
b) For other areas of Sheffield?

How far is Sheffield from reaching its carbon reduction target?

How many Green Deal assessments have been done in Sheffield?
How many Green Deal assessments have been done nationwide?

Did the Green Deal officially begin in October 2012,or is it January 28th 2013?

Are you considering extending CESP in preference to the Green Deal?

If so what are the grounds and rules for extension?

Yours faithfully,

Cheryl Ladding

Dear Office of Gas and Electricity Markets,

I sent you an e-mail on January 18th 2013. You have not acknowledged you have received it so please confirm receipt as I am expecting my reply Feb 15th 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Cheryl Ladding

FOI, Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

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Dear Ms Ladding,

A reply was sent on 21 January, please see attached.

Paul Kitcher
Head of Information Management
Information Management and Technology
9 Millbank
Tel: 020 7901 7011

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