Cane Hill Hospital - Consultation costs and investigation into the fire

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Dear Croydon Borough Council,

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act please provide the total cost, and the annual costs, of all consultation exercises undertaken by Croydon Council since 1991 on options and proposals to redevelop the Cane Hill Hospital, Coulsdon, site.

Additionally, please provide copies of all documents and correspondence held by the Council relating to any police investigations and conclusions on the fire at Cane Hill on 13 November 2010.

Yours faithfully,

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Information, Croydon Borough Council

Dear [name removed]


Thank you for your email dated 12 July 2011, in which you have requested
information regarding among other matters details of Cane Hill Hospital.


We are considering your request under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000, and hope to respond within the statutory 20 working


In some circumstances a fee may be payable and if that is the case, either
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Tanriverdi, Christine, Croydon Borough Council

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Dear [name removed]


Please find attached the council’s response to your request relating to
the above reference.



Yours sincerely


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Dear Christine Tanriverdi,

Thank you for your reply to my request. I appreciate that you have tried to answer my questions and have done so in good time.

However, I am absolutely astonished to hear that the Council is of the view that there were no consultation exercises prior to 2010.

In the summer of 2008 or 2009 - I can check this as I will still have the printed colour documents - I visited officials in Coulsdon town centre where four redevelopment options were being presented to the general public. There were forms to fill in and I completed one. If this was not a consultation exercise, what was it? Officials had the details up on the website, plans on the walls and this was in a building appointed temporarily specifically for the purpose.

I also recall a similar exercise occurring probably earlier but it could have been later.

It would be helpful if you could clarify this point. I will in turn dig out the relevant document.

On the fire, I note what you have to say and may have further comment although my feeling initially is that I may need to contact other parties as you suggest.

Yours sincerely,

[name removed]

Dear Christine Tanriverdi, Croydon Borough Council

Further to my letter of 10 August, I am now able to confirm that I attended a drop-in exhibition about the proposed redevlopment of the Cane Hill site at 37 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, on Saturday 10 May 2008.

I have a copy of the leaflet given to me on that day entitled "News - Cane Hill Hospital Site Regeneration Project - Tell Us What You Think (April 2008 Issue 3) ". It included four development options.

First, it confirms that consultation commenced with the local community in December 2007. It lists the key responses on mix of uses, location of development, link to the town centre and important considerations for development.

Secondly, it asks in a further stage of the process for questionnaires to be completed by 19 May 2008 on the principles for redevelopment with specific reference to the options presented.

While English Partnerships and a "consultant team" produced the above mentioned leaflet and provided staff
on the day, the leaflet refers twice to the fact that English Partnerships and the London Borough of Croydon were "working together" on this exercise (i) "to consider whether an alternative development might provide a better solution" and (ii) "to keep the community informed about works on the site and the progress that is taking place".

The contact details for eight individuals were included in the leaflet. 1 was a representative of Broadway Malyan consultants. 1 was the then Principal Planning Officer of Croydon Council. 6 were Croydon Council councillors. 0 - Zero - were from English Partnerships.

In fact, the arrangement does not look wholly unlike the recent and current exercises, albeit at an earlier stage, in that the Council, the HCA and a range of private companies are working together.

It is also noted that a highly relevant section of the site, now described as C9, has never been in the ownership of English Partnerships or HCA but rather owned by Croydon Council.

Would you please confirm therefore in line with my original request how much money Croydon Council spent on consultation in regard to the site prior to 2010.

Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

[name removed]