Can you please confirm whether Ethylene Oxide (Oxirane) was used in exploratory oil/gas drilling at Balcombe

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Dear Environment Agency,

Can you please confirm whether Ethylene Oxide (Oxirane) was used or not during the exploratory drilling for oil/gas by Caudrilla at Lower Stumble site, Balcombe, West Sussex.

Yours faithfully,

L E Towner

Enquiries, Unit, Environment Agency

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SSD Enquiries, Environment Agency

Dear sir


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above, we can now respond as


We carried out a site visit on 11^th September and undertook a site audit
at the exploration drilling site near Balcombe. This visit included an
audit of the storage and use of drilling mud additives.


As stated in our Hydrogeological Assessment, Oxirane will only be used as
required by the Drilling Engineer on site. Conditions during drilling may
be such that it may not be used. Cuadrilla have confirmed that Oxirane was
not used during drilling and the drilling additive supplier has confirmed
that Oxirane was not supplied to the site.



Kind regards


Rebecca Manning
Customer & Engagement Specialist
Solent and South Downs
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From: SSD Enquiries
Sent: 06 December 2013 16:37
To: Batty, Paul; Deacon, Simon
Subject: 2703 L E TOWNER 2 Freedom of Information request - Can you please
confirm whether Ethylene Oxide (Oxirane) was used in exploratory oil/gas
drilling at Balcombe




dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Brigitte Lechner anodiad ()

Cuadrilla did not report a pipe damaged by seismic activity so a site audit based on company self-reporting sounds inadequate.