Dear Cambridgeshire Constabulary,
Part 1
Can you please give me the list of the Cambridgeshire
Constabulary Vehicle Fleet from 2006-2013.
-Date: 2006-2013
-Model Year
-The Vehicle Make & Model
-Type of Vehicle (Including Van's Wheelbase and Roof Size)
-Number of Doors (Example: 3-Door, 5-Door etc)
-The Role of the Vehicle (Including Tactical Firearms Unit)
-Marked or Unmarked
-The Year the Vehicle was Commissioned
-The Year the Vehicle was Decommissioned

For Your Information, I just want the Bedfordshire Police Vehicle Fleet only. Not Bedfordshire Police and Hertfordshire Constabulary Vehicle Fleet.

Part 2
Did The Tactical Firearms Unit used these vehicles as Armed Response Vehicles? (Yes or No For Each Vehicle)
1992-1993 Volvo 850 Sedan
1993-1997 Volvo 850 Estate
1994-1997 Volvo 850 Saloon
1995-1999 Vauxhall Omega Caravan
1996-2000 Ford Galaxy
2000-2003 Vauxhall Omega Caravan
2000-2005 Volvo V70
2001-2006 Ford Galaxy
2003-2005 Volvo XC70

Part 3
1.When did the Tactical Firearms Unit was formed?
2.When did Cambridgeshire Constabulary had Armed Response Vehicles?

Yours faithfully,

Agnes Elong

FOI Team,

1 Atodiad

Dear Agnes Elong,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 28th

Yours sincerely,
James Cooper

Dear Cambridgeshire Constabulary,
Thank you for responding to my request. I understand that you couldn't give me the information I ask for.

Yours faithfully,

Agnes Elong