Budget for Financial years 2012 to present

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn yn hwyr iawn. Yn ôl y gyfraith, ym mhob amgylchiad, dylai Thornaby Town Council fod wedi ymateb erbyn hyn. (manylion). Gallwch gwyno drwy yn gofyn am adolygiad mewnol.

Dear Thornaby Town Council,

Following recent correspondence with TTC regarding the 30% increase in precept I have received two responses, both totally inadequate with regard to specific figures on what the precept increase is being spent on. The precept has been raised ~£35,000; in two responses consisting of approximately 1980 words only one figure relating to specific expenditure was listed - £100 for the Queen's 90th Celebrations.

Considering the responses so far are wholly inadequate with relation to facts and figures please provide TTC budget for financial years:


This FOI request anticipates that certain information in the budget may be considered sensitive under Data Protection or other protections afforded by the FOI regulations. If that is the case the details may be redacted out if needed. However, the presence of such information should not prevent all other information being wholly presented in the spirit of both this request and FOI regulations.

If no budgets exist for these years please provide a response on why there are no budgets - a key item for sound financial planning.

Yours faithfully,
Simon Walton

Thornaby town Council, Thornaby Town Council

Dear Simon

Thank you for your request. You will receive a response in due course.


Thornaby Town Council

Thornaby Town Council
Town Hall
Mandale Road
TS17 6AW

Tel: 01642 678652
Email: [Thornaby Town Council request email]
Website: www.thornabytowncouncil.gov.uk

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Dear Thornaby town Council,

May I politely remind the Council that this FOI request is due a response by 1st July 2016.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Walton

Steve Walmsley,

Hello, Mr Walton

With reference to your FOI request, I hope you understand that TTC has,
over a lengthy period, had a reappraisal of staffing/admin costs which has
resulted in parting of the ways with the Clerk. Consequently, there has
been something of a vacuum whilst the council has gone through a
recruitment process and so I hope that you will take that into
consideration and not think that TTC is deliberately obfuscating in
respect of your request.

Thankfully, a new Clerk will be in situ on the 1st of August and hopefully
will not only fill a void which has for some weeks been filled by an
unpaid councillor, but will also save the public money better spent
outwardly rather than on internal cost.

At the Annual Town Meeting, which you attended on Monday, 27th June, you
asked a number if questions which I believe I answered honestly and did
give some indication of where money has been spent and why TTC took the
decision to raise the precept by 30% (much less than that in real terms).
You also stayed behind to attend the inaugural meeting of the Special
Projects committee which has been charged with identifying where surplus
money can bring about improvements in Thornaby - especially areas that we
can no longer anticipate being addressed by the Borough Council.

And that is the real reason for the raise; basically to establish a base,
supplemented by admin savings, to ensure that certain cuts in services can
be mitigated and physical and environmental improvements in the town -
essential to impress and draw in investment - will not suffer under the
impact of cuts euphemistically described as austerity efficiencies.

As you may recall, I did mention good news about Thornaby Town Hall at the
Town Meeting and HLF success which it is believed will act as a catalyst
for regeneration of an area abandoned so many years ago. That project not
only serves to preserve the town's heritage, but will also create
employment and further add to the feel good factor generated by new
housing, new Town Centre and other advances in recent years in Thornaby.

However, HLF rules dictated that TTC had to contribute substantially to
the Town Hall project and also to employ professionals to deliver the
works. Good fiscal management ensured that we were able to comply and
satisfy all HLF requirements.

And so TTC has effectively been engaged in management on two fronts - i.e
Town Hall restoration and everyday council business that needed to be
reevaluated and subsequently streamlined. Of course the perceived cost of
altruistic thinking was what appeared to be extortionate increase in
precept when in fact TTC simply sought to identify surplus cash and create
a strong foundation to make a real difference in community wellbeing.

Please be assured, all of this isn't just vacuous flannel. TTC has been
complimented on our management by a number of organisations and audits
have always been favourable. Also, Town Hall and Town Council accounts -
separated for obvious reasons - are managed by reputable accountants who
reconsile the accounts annually.

In respect of your request for budgets from 2012 until present time, that
should not be a problem, but would hope that you will allow time for the
new Clerk to be in post. That may incur some cost towards time where the
Clerk is diverted from regular duties to fulfil your request.

As for future anticipated spend/budget, in the present chaotic climate,
that, as you can no doubt imagine, is now very much subject to almost
daily changes in circumstances. One thing I can definitely reassure you
and other Thornaby tax payers about is that once TTC systems become
settled and admin savings factored into what we have available for use in
the community, I anticipate that the precept will not increase in the
foreseeable future. I most certainly will not be minded to recommend any

Apologies for lengthy response, but hope this will suffice in going some
way to assuage your anxieties.

Yours - Steve Walmsley, Chair, TTC

Dear Thornaby Town Council,

I note from previous correspondence -
1) That there should be no problem providing the budgets as requested
2) The new town clerk will be in place from 1st August

I have waited ten working days from the 1st August to proceed further with this request. Please note that this request is long overdue and I have been exceedingly patient and understanding with the staffing issues at TTC.

I now consider that any 'grace period' is now over. Please fulfill this request in 20 working days - i.e. on or before 12th September 2016.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Walton

Thornaby town Council, Thornaby Town Council

Dear Mr Walton, I acknowledge your request and you will receive a reply in due course

Yours sincerely, Jen

On behalf of Thornaby Town Council

J Elstob
Town Clerk
Thornaby Town Council
Town Hall
Mandale Road
TS17 6AW

Tel: 01642 678652
Email: [Thornaby Town Council request email]
Website: www.thornabytowncouncil.gov.uk

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