Bristol City Council bus subsidies and ridership information request

Jack Phillips made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Bristol City Council

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Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to request information on subsidised bus services in Bristol. Please can you provide the following:

- A full list of all bus subsidies paid by Bristol City Council, by service and operator.

- Details of how subsidies are calculated.

- The council's latest ridership figures for all subsidised and part-subsidised services.

Many thanks please get in touch if there is further detail you require to fulfil this request.


Jack Phillips

Richard Skinner, Bristol City Council

2 Atodiad

Dear Mr Phillips

Thank you for your e mail dated 18 December requesting information on bus subsidises and ridership figures in Bristol.

The Council no longer subsidies bus routes, since the Transport Act 1986 the Council agrees contract prices for routes by the process of Competitive Procurement.

Contracts under Competitive Procurement have been awarded to the following bus operators

First Group
Wessex Connect
Park & Ride Ltd
Bugler Coaches Ltd

I have pleasure in attaching spreadsheets for the Council's existing bus contracts showing agreed prices and passenger figures to date.

This response should answer your request in full however if you are not satisfied with the response or wish to lodge an appeal against any exemptions that may have ben applied, you can do so by writing to the Data Protection Officer at Bristol City Council Legal Services, The Council House, College Green, Bristol BS99 7PH or [email address]. Details of the complaints procedure can be found at

If, After you have exhausted the council's complaint procedure, you are still not satisfied with the response you have received you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner, details of your right to complain can be found at

Copyright notice

The provision of information by Bristol City Council under this scheme does not imply a right to reproduce or commercially exploit such information without the Council's express prior written permission.

Reproduction or commercial exploitation of material supplied under this scheme without express permission of Bristol City Council may be an infringement of copyright

Yours sincerely

R G Skinner
Technical Support Officer
Bristol City Council

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