Breakdown of TASER Take-Up by Force and by Date

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Richard Taylor

On the 5th of May 2009 the Home Office issued a press release entitled : "Increase in taser use following rollout to more officers" (1).

This contained the statement: "The £8 million fund to support the national roll-out from the trial has already led to forces taking up 7000 new Tasers."

Could you please release a breakdown of those 7000 TASERs by date of take up and by police force.



Richard Taylor


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The early-April 2009 edition of Private Eye said the Home Secretary had only managed to get the police to take 2,000 of the new TASERs on offer.

In March 2009, the target number for deployment was dropped to 6,000 (

In light of both those sources I find the 7,000 number quoted by the Home Office in the press release hard to believe so am asking for more information.

I have mentioned this request on my website at:

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My local police force in Cambridgeshire has taken 150 of these weapons but has not yet decided if or how they are going to be used.
It would be interesting to know how many of the TASER weapons the Home Secretary has managed to get police forces to take are actually available for use by non-firearms police. The headline figure of the number TASERs issued could be significantly misleading if a number of those forces which have taken them have not actually decided to use them in the manner intended.

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Reference : T7658/9

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry of 06/05/2009 3:04:24 AM

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I've written an article on my website which cites the statistics released: