Bramshott and Liphook: blockages in sewers and treatment plant capacity

raine ryland made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Thames Water
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Dear Thames Water,

Please provide the following information with respect to the parish of Bramshott and Liphook:

1. in respect of all blockage call-outs in Bramshott and Liphook since 2010 state:
-The cause of the blockage
-The solution to the blockage
-Whether the blockage is part of a systemic problem

2, with respect to the relevant treatment plant(s) serving the parish of Bramshott and Liphook state the :
-capacity of the plant, namely its maximum total hydraulic flow per day for fully treated water. This figure should not include partially treated water or screened water or untreated water discharged from plant when this capacity is exceeded. It should only include water that has been fully treated at the plant.
-The hydraulic flow into the plant per day of water from the network it serves. Please break down the figures into maximum hydraulic flow, minimum hydraulic flow, and average hydraulic flow.
-an accurate calculation of the operating status of the plant, namely its loading, comparing its maximum treatment capacity (not including partially treated or screened or untreated water) with the maximum and average hydraulic flow into the plant. Please give this figure as a percentage of maximum full treatment capacity (as indicated in question 1.)

Yours faithfully,

Raine Ryland

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Dear Raine,

Thank you for your environmental information request.

Please find attached our response to your request and additional documents for your information.

Thank you and kind regards,

Data Protection & EIR Coordinator
[email address]

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