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Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Limited Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Limited,

Could you please send me the below details or your current Blue light fleet (inc Motorbikes) -

-Model Year
-The Vehicle Make & Model
-Type of Vehicle (Example-Saloon, Wagon etc)
-The Role of the Vehicle (Including Armed Response Unit)
-The Year the Vehicle was Commissioned

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

Sumanjit Kaur

Information Act, Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Limited

8 Atodiad

Dear Sumanjit,

Please see attached for our response to your request for information.

Kind regards,

FOI Team
CalMac Ferries
Ferry Terminal, Gourock PA19 1QP
e: [1][Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Limited request email]

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