Barriers on Accident Site Aberystwyth

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Dear North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency,

On the 16th of December 2019 a lorry went through the barriers over the underpass in Penparcau, Aberystwyth. The story can be seen below. The accident was in close proximity to the underpass which is used be a large amount of residents and is close to the local school, village hall, community centre and play park.

Would it be possible to know if the metal fencing that the lorry appears to have gone through meets current safety and impact standards that one would expect for a busy trunk road, especially in close proximity to a school?

Will additional barriers be put in place eg armco?

At the underpass I noticed that the lighting was poor (yellow), there were missing slats from the wooden fencing between the school and underpass. I noticed that the incline was quite steep when leaving the underpass. I don't know if this conforms to modern standards for wheelchair users and how this might affect their safety. I'm not sure if this is something for the Trunk Road to look into or if it is the responsibility of Ceredigion County Council. I would appreciate it if the issue could be raised either way as there are children and people with mobility issues who use the subway.

Yours faithfully,

Alun Dafydd

FOI, North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent

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Dear Sir,


Thank you for contacting the North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent with your
enquiry. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a response to the
questions raised as the incident and structure in question is located on
the County Road network (A4120) managed by Ceredigion County Council. We
would kindly suggest that you contact Ceredigion County Council who shall
be able to respond to the questions raised.


Kind regards


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