Dear Ministry of Justice,

Under freedom of information and because we need clarity can you answer

On a walkin possession agreement

the inventory left after goods have been taken

have to show the correct amount ,all liability order numbers and the total amount being distressed for? does missing any of these make it unlawful

can extra liability orders be added after the document has been left with debtor

what if inventory left is not signed because owner of goods wont sign it because he has disputed the levy

can he size from a property not listed on the liability order on the same day he walks in?

can the bailiff take a tool of the trade from a limited company

can the bailiff seize goods from a ltd company that he has no liability order for if he thinks they share mutual director .

can he take obviousley personal items from the address not listed on the liability order but who he thinks shares a director?

can a bailiff when he has to return goods ask a person under protected status for a indemnity against prosecution if he returns goods knowing he has no legal right to keep them anyhow?

im sorry but the tribunals act doesnt make this clear to anyone not legally trained and i dont believe answers the above questions clearly.this would help please

Yours faithfully,

claire moore

Disclosure Team, Ministry of Justice

Thank you for your e-mail, I am writing to advise you that your enquiry does not fall under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) regime and has been rejected by the Disclosure Team.

It may be helpful if I explain that the FOIA gives individuals and organisations the right of access to all types of recorded information held, at the time the request is received, by public authorities such as the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Section 84 of the FOIA states that in order for a request for information to be handled as a FOI request, it must be for recorded information.

For example, a FOI request would be for a copy of a policy, rather than an explanation as to why we have that policy in place. On occasion, the MoJ receives requests that do not ask for recorded information, but ask more general questions about, for example, a policy, opinion or a decision.

You may wish to re-submit your enquiry to the Ministry of Justice, which will be treated as Official Correspondence. Our contact details are as follows:

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If you do have any questions relating specifically to the FOIA or Data Protection Act (DPA), please contact the Disclosure Team at the following e-mail address: [MoJ request email]

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The Disclosure Team

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