Asbestos survey report for West Kidlington primary school

Louis made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Oxford City Council

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Dear Oxford City Council,
please would it be possible to see the Asbestos Survey report for West Kidlington Primary School?

Yours faithfully,

Louis smith

freedomofinformation, Oxford City Council

Dear Mr Smith,
Oxford City Council – Reference:9679
Thank you for your email dated 26th November 2020. Unfortunately the
Council does not hold the information you require. I recommend you
re-direct your enquiry to Oxfordshire County Council who are responsible
for Education in the city, via the following link, as I believe they will
be better placed to answer your request.
by email: [2][email address]
or by post:
Freedom of Information Team
County Hall
Yours sincerely
Kathryn Winfield
Information Governance Requests Officer
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Law and Governance |
St. Aldate's Chambers | Oxford | OX1 1DS | Email: [email address]
| T: 01865 252007
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