Anonymity when replying to FOI's

Dave Whyte made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Y Weinyddiaeth Amddiffyn

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Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

It will be noted that the Ministry of Defence at Abbey Wood have made reference in the past that I am to be denied access to various information regarding radiation levels using the term of 'VEXATIOUS'as an excuse to deny me the information requested. It will be further noted that the authors of this correspondence have failed to sign their name, or names to the documents.

Could you please advise me of the Name or Names of the individuals responsible for placing me in this category.

Yours faithfully,

David Whyte

DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER), Y Weinyddiaeth Amddiffyn

1 Atodiad

Please find the enclosed letter.

Dear DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER),

Thank you for your reply and your explanation regarding the term 'Vexatious'. It was basically my requests for information on radiation levels which your Department denied being in possession of for over five years that were deemed as 'Vexatious' but when my case was taken to a First Tier tribunal the information I had been requesting for all of these years appeared. I believe it was your Department who were being 'Vexatious' not I.

When individuals send their correspondence annonnymously it signifies, to most people, that the information given may not be reliable.
Yours sincerely,

Dave Whyte

Gadawodd Bilal Ghafoor anodiad ()

Mod FOI requests seem to commonly receive unsigned replies (I have clicked on several today and have seen no names, unless these are in email addresses that have been redacted).

I think that it is a discourtesy to send out letters with no names and no signatures. The civil service code says that officers should be accountable for their actions. It is against the spirit of the code for them to work anonymously. If they are concerned about the safety of their officials (other ministries aren't), then they could have the courtesy to make up some names, like No.10 did (

Gadawodd Fred WP Dawson anodiad ()

This from the ICO may help

Gadawodd Dave Whyte anodiad ()

Many thanks for the information Fred.

I was attempting to obtain certain radiation levels for over five years and I was given the general run-around and false information. Because I persisted in my questioning and they started to say my requests were vexatious and would not answer any question relating to radiation levels. When I requested an internal review I was told the information did not exist. I did not believe them and took the case to a First Tier Tribunal. Due to the questions the Judge asked the Ministry of Defence miraculously discovered the missing documents that I had been requesting for over five years. The vexatious threat was a deliberate attempt to silence me so they could continue to conceal the evidence.

All the best


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