Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Transport for London o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Jamie Andrews-Garvock

Dear Transport for London,

I would like to request a copy of available iBus, London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway announcements that you are permitted to release.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Transport for London

Dear Jamie Andrews-Garvock


FOI ref: FOI-1559-2122/GH


Thank you for your request received by Transport for London (TfL) on 20
October 2021 asking for announcements.


In order to provide you with access to the requested audio recordings we
require a direct email address in order to create the necessary
permissions. Could you please email us directly with your email address,
citing your FOI reference number, and we can then grant access.


You may find our direct email address at the following link:


Yours sincerely


Graham Hurt

FOI Case Officer

FOI Case Management Team

General Counsel

Transport for London



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Jamie Andrews-Garvock

Dear FOI,

My email address is [email address],

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Andrews-Garvock

Jamie Andrews-Garvock

Dear FOI,

My emaill address is
Jamjam9204 @ gmail .com

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Andrews-Garvock