Angus Energy NEX Exchange Bon Issue

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan The Financial Conduct Authority.

Dear The Financial Conduct Authority,

I am referring to the following statement:

Has the FCA (or any of the bodies regulated by the FCA) stopped the issue of NEX Exchange bonds by Angus Energy?

Yours faithfully,


The Financial Conduct Authority

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Our Ref: FOI5406
Dear Mr Raymond
In line with our policy and guidance produced by the Ministry of Justice,
your request for information was not dealt with under the formal FoIA
regime. This is because your request was not for 'recorded information';
instead, you had asked us to provide answers or explanations to the
questions you posed. We therefore treated your email of 29th October 2017
as "routine correspondence".
NEX Exchange operates the NEX Exchange Growth Market in its capacity as a
UK Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE).  As an RIE, NEX Exchange is
responsible for determining whether or not an applicant for admission to
its growth market meets its admission to trading rules, and for operating
the admission process.  The FCA supervises UK RIEs in relation to their
compliance with “recognition requirements”, which among other things are
intended to ensure that markets such as the NEX growth market are operated
in a fair and orderly manner, but does not play a role in specific
admission decisions for growth markets of that kind.  We would suggest
that you contact NEX Exchange’s regulatory team if you would like to make
further enquiries in relation to any application by Angus Energy plc,
whose details can be found at the following link:
Yours sincerely
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Canary Wharf
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