Allotment Waiting Lists

Ar hyn o bryd yn aros am ymateb gan Swansea Council , rhaid iddynt ymateb yn brydlon ac fel arfer heb fod yn hwyrach na (manylion).

Dear Swansea Council,

As of January 2018, please could you provide information on the following:

1) How many allotment sites are there in the Council area for which the Council has access to waiting list data?

2) What is the total number of plots on these sites?

3) What is the total number of people on waiting lists for these sites?

4)Are any of these waiting lists closed to further applications?

5)How many new Council allotment sites were brought into use in 2017? Please give:
a)number of new sites
b)names of new sites
c)total area of new land in hectares
d)total number of new plots

6)How many applications for use of the land for allotments on Council land have been declined since January 2015?

Yours faithfully,

Emma Davies

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