Airways Scope or Practice & Needle cricothyroidotomy vs Surgical cricothyroidotomy data

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Dear West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust,

I am a 2nd year Student Paramedic at Stafforshire university currently undertaking a review of the effectiveness of needle cricothyroidotomy when compared to surgical cricothyroidotomy.

As part if this report I would like to request information about,
1. What clinical grade of staff are allowed to use different types of airway?
2. And cases that your trust has had over the past 6 years when either of the two above mentioned skills have been used, 2012/13 - 2017/18.

I have included a link below to an excel spreadsheet that you should be able to view and download using the Downwards arrow incon in the top right corner. The document has three sheets, two of which are to be completed. The first to be completed with information about scope of practice, the second with information about the cases of the above mentioned skills usage. I have included example data sets in red to assist. If you are unable to provide the level of detail requested on the second sheet I have provided a third sheet which somewhat simplifies the information further to simply the usage of the skill by grade and the outcome.

If you are unable to view the document please contact me and I will endeavour to sort the issue. I have also included a list of column headings below should there be any issues.

Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours faithfully,

Jake Ledger

:Freedom Of Information Mailbox, West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust

1 Atodiad

Good afternoon

Please see our clinical guideline for Advanced Airway Management which will provide you with details of who will be able to carry out this procedure.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the number of cases where this procedure has been carried out as this information is not captured in a format we can provide a report from. It will be within the free text of a patients medical record which are not searchable.

Sorry we are unable to assist any further.

Kind Regards
Lynsey Kumari
Freedom of Information & Document Control Officer
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Millennium Point, Waterfront Way, Brierley Hill, Dudley, DY5 1LX
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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear :Freedom Of Information Mailbox,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,

Jake Ledger