Aggregated pension funds as MS excel file

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Joel M Benjamin

Dear Glasgow City Council,

Details of FOIA Request:

1. FOI Request for aggregated pension fund data

Please provide the sum total of pension fund investment, and details of what the (combined) Council Pension Fund currently invests in, including the full name and amounts of each fund, bond, institution or investment being held, broken down by asset class/ category, and presented in Microsoft excel format for the 2015/16 financial year (or most current available data set).

2. Request for breakdown of contributing local authority pension funds, by authority

Where applicable, we are interested in the amounts contributed by each of the local councils invested in the combined pension fund. We have sent this request to you the fund manager as we expect that the data for each contributing council will be recorded within your systems. Could you please ensure that the differing levels of contribution are reflected within the disclosure.

Where a combined pension fund is managed on behalf of multiple public authorities, please provide a full break down of total investment assets, company, fund or bond holding by authority, categorised by asset class.

Requested format of disclosure:
Please ensure responses are provided in Microsoft Excel format. Where abbreviations or numeric codes are used in lieu of full company or fund names, please ensure a digital key is provided to enable interpretation of submitted data.

Yours faithfully,

Joel M Benjamin

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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Gillespie, Moira (Finance), Glasgow City Council

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Dear Mr Benjamin,


Please find attached our response to your request for information under
the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act.




Moira Gillespie BA(Hons)

Investment Administrator

Strathclyde Pension Fund

Phone: 0141 287 7384

Email: [email address]



Glasgow - UK Council of the Year 2015

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