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Dear Education Leeds Limited,

I am interested in the amounts paid by each school in Leeds LEA to third parties in relation to temporary agency staffing cover. My hope is to receive an electronic breakdown of amounts paid through the department's purchase ledger by school.

1. I would like the information in electronic format. This should avoid any printing cost issues.
2. In order to avoid your having to collate information from peripheral systems, I am willing to accept information only from your main system (I would like you to advise which system this is). By main system I mean the system that handles the largest part of the department's expenditure. If supplier payments are made through separate systems, then I would like you to choose the main system
for each.
3. The information I require for each school is: School Name;Supplier name and total amount paid.
4. I would like the information to cover the year 2011/12

Yours faithfully,

Jaime Sherwell

Children Leeds,

Thank you for contacting Leeds City Council. We will respond to your
enquiry within 10 working days.

Please note that this inbox is not checked on the weekend. If you wish to
make an urgent child protection referral please call 0113 2409536


Children's Services


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Children's FOI,

Dear Jaime Sherwell,


Thank you for your request for information relating to agency staffing
spend in Leeds schools.  


Your request is being dealt with in accordance with the Freedom of
information Act 2000 and you can expect a response from us within the
statutory time limit.


Please remember to quote reference number FOI 10305 in any future


Kind regards,


Sam Parker

Information access assistant

Policy, planning, information & procedures

Leeds City Council

Tel: 0113 39 50780

Fax: 0113 24 75354



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Children's FOI,

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Dear Mr Sherwell


I refer to the above and your email dated 24 July. I have contacted the
relevant services and now provide the following response to your request
for information relating to temporary staffing cover in schools.


Please find attached a spreadsheet which contains the information you have
requested. I hope this information is useful to you, however if you are
dissatisfied with this response then you have a right to appeal to an
independent officer within children’s services. On appeal, your request
will be re-examined and an assessment made as to whether the requirements
of the Act have been adhered to. Should you wish to follow this course of
action then please address your concerns in writing to Moin Patel,
Knowledge and Technology Team, 10th Floor East, Merrion House, Leeds, LS2
8DT or by email at [1][email address].


You also have a right under Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act
to ask the Information Commissioner to take a decision as to whether we
have met with our obligations under the Act.  The Commissioner has made it
clear however that he expects all applicants to exhaust internal appeals
procedures prior to making such an application. Should you wish to contact
the Commissioner’s Office then you can write to the following address:


            Office of the Information Commissioner,

            Wycliffe House,

            Water Lane,



            SK9 5AF.


You may also contact the Commissioner via his website at [2]


I trust that this is self-explanatory although if you have any queries
then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0113 3950782, or by return


Kind regards


Nicola Palmer

Information Access Manager

Children's Services

Leeds City Council

Tel: (0113) 3950782 (ext 50782)



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