Agency Staff Spend 2017/18

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Dear Leyton Sixth Form College,

Could you provide a breakdown of school agency spend for September 2017 to date split by Lecturers, Assessors and ALS . Could you provide the breakdown by individual agency please?

Yours faithfully,

Claire B

Theresa Bird, Leyton Sixth Form College

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Dear Claire,


Please find below the response to the freedom of information act request


Agency spend on lecturers = £13,449.87

Ø  £9,219.87 to Teaching Personnel Ltd

Ø  £4,230 to jjFox


Agency spend on additional learning support = £17,934

Ø  £17,934 to 99 hippos


Agency spend on assessors = £0


Best regards,




Theresa Bird

HR Manager


Leyton Sixth Form College

Essex Road, Leyton, London, 

E10 6EQ

Direct line: 020 8928 9028

Fax: 020 8928 9133









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