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Debbie Sharpe made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Rotherham College

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Dear Rotherham College,

Can you provide a breakdown of money spent on Lecturers/Assessors/Learning Support via recruitment agencies for the 20/21 Academic year. Split by temporary and permanent.

Can you also specify the money spent with each specific agency and in which department?

Yours faithfully,

Debbie Sharpe

RNN FOI, Rotherham College

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Dear Debbie Sharpe,

Attached is the RNN Group's response to your recent request.

The request shall be handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and we shall respond in due course.

Kindest regards

Information Governance Team

01909 504666


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Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College and University Centre Rotherham

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RNN FOI, Rotherham College

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Dear Debbie Sharpe


Please find attached the RNN Group’s response to you recent Freedom of
Information Act 2000 request.


Do not hesitate to contact a member of the Information Governance team
using the details below, should you require any further assistance.


Kindest regards


Information Governance Team
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Parent organisation of
Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College and University Centre Rotherham
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