Agency Spend 2019/2020

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan King George V College.

Dear King George V College,

Please can you provide me with the agency spend for academic year 2019/2020 or year to date including a breakdown of each agency and department.

Yours faithfully,


Ian Bannister,

1 Atodiad


With reference to the email below and the associated FOI request, we are
not currently in a position to provide this information for the following

We do not have a full name for the applicant

We do not have an address for the applicant

The information required is not clear (what type of agency?)

This is in line with section 8:1 of the FOI:

Also, you have sent the same request to two organisations, Southport
College and KGV College, and these are both the same organisation now
following a recent merger (before 2019/20).

Kind regards

Ian Bannister

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