Agency Spend 2017/2018

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn yn hwyr iawn. Yn ôl y gyfraith, ym mhob amgylchiad, dylai New City College London fod wedi ymateb erbyn hyn. (manylion). Gallwch gwyno drwy yn gofyn am adolygiad mewnol.

Dear New City College London,

Please provide me with your Agency spend in 2017/2018 at New City College London along with which agencies were used and how much was spent with each agency.

Yours faithfully,

Robert M

Judith Nelson, New City College London

Thank you for your email. Please note that I no longer work at New City
College and you should contact the following people as follows: 1.
Governance related matters –email Fiona Chalk (interim Clerk)
[email address] 2. For complaints – email
[email address] 3. Safeguarding matters – email Aaron
Balfourth, the Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer
[email address] 4. eFaxes and events – email Ruth Lomax,
Group Director, Communications [email address] 5. Matters for
the attention of the Redbridge Borough Principal please email Francesca
Garvey (the Principal’s PA) [email address] 6. For all
other matters please telephone the receptionist on 02085487401 and you
will be signposted to the correct person Thank you

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Sent request to New City College London again, using a new contact address.

Ruth Lomax, New City College London

Dear Robert

I can confirm that the Group's agency spend for 2017/18 to date (it is
nearly the end of the 17/18 year so we don't anticipate any
significant additional spend) is £2,050,385. 

Due to commercial sensitivities I am unable to break this down. 

Best wishes

Ruth Lomax

New City College

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir