Advocacy Services for Children and Young People

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Dear FOI Team,

I would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, details in respect to the contract below.

Advocacy Services For Children and Young People:

The details we require are:
• What are the contractual performance KPI's for this contract?
• Suppliers who applied for inclusion on each framework/contract and were successful & not successful at the PQQ & ITT stages
• Actual spend on this contract/framework (and any sub lots), from the start of the contract to the current date
• Start date & duration of framework/contract?
• Could you please provide a copy of the service/product specification given to all bidders for when this contract was last advertised?
• Is there an extension clause in the framework(s)/contract(s) and, if so, the duration of the extension?
• Has a decision been made yet on whether the framework(s)/contract(s) are being either extended or renewed?
• Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for this contract?

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Linzey

Jacqueline Keachie, North Lanarkshire Council

Dear Sir/Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your email which is receiving attention.

I shall contact you again when I am in a position to respond more fully to your request.

Yours faithfully.

Jacqueline Keachie
For Freedom of Information Co-ordinator
North Lanarkshire Council
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Angelene Kirkpatrick, North Lanarkshire Council

1 Atodiad

Dear Ms. Linzey

Request for Information


I refer again to your e-mail of 6 April 2023 seeking information in
relation to advocacy services for children and young people.


Having investigated, my response to your eight enquiries is as follows:-


(1) & (5)    Please find attached the service specification.


(2)           Who Cares Scotland were the successful supplier.  Information on
the unsuccessful suppliers is no longer held and in terms of Section 17 of the
Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 I must advise you of this.


(3)           The actual spend is £1,385,750.


(4)           1 August 2017 to 31 July 2022 with two year extension to 31 July


(6)           Yes, two years extension.


(7)           The contract was extended in 2022 and ends on 31 July 2024.


(8)           I regret to advise you that the name of an individual requested is
personal data, the disclosure of which would contravene the data protection
principles and that this constitutes a ground of absolute exemption in terms of
Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


I can advise that North Lanarkshire Council, having regard to the
provisions of Section 21 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act
2002, has established a procedure whereby any person who has requested
information and is in any way dissatisfied with the decision on that
request, can within forty working days require a review of that decision
by writing to the Chief Officer (Legal and Democratic), Civic Centre,
Windmillhill Street, Motherwell ML1 1AB.  Accordingly, if you are
dissatisfied with this decision and seek such review please write to the
Chief Officer (Legal and Democratic).


I would advise, also, that in terms of Section 47 of the Act a person who
is dissatisfied with a notice given by the local authority under Section
21 of the Act - ie. a notice following a review of a decision by a local
authority, or by the failure of a local authority to give such a notice -
may make application to the Scottish Information Commissioner for a
decision as to whether, in any respect specified in that application, the
request for information to which the requirement relates has been dealt
with in accordance with the Act.  Such an application must be made within
six months of the review decision and be in writing or in another form
which, by reason of it having some permanency is capable of being used for
subsequent reference. The application must state the name of the
applicant, and provide an address for correspondence. The application must
also specify the request for information to which the requirement for
review relates, the matter which gave rise to the applicant’s
dissatisfaction with the original decision of the local authority and the
matter which gives rise to the applicant’s dissatisfaction with the
decision on review by the local authority or the failure of the local
authority to issue such a decision.  The Scottish Information Commissioner
can be contacted as follows:-


Scottish Information Commissioner

Kinburn Castle

Doubledykes Road

St. Andrews

KY16  9DS

email: [1][email address]


Appeals to the Scottish Information Commissioner can also be made online
via the following link: -




I hope this information is sufficient for your purpose.  If, however, you
require further information – or I can assist in any other way – please
let me know.


Yours sincerely


Angelene Kirkpatrick

For Freedom of Information Co-ordinator

North Lanarkshire Council

Civic Centre

Windmillhill Street




Working from home

Please contact via email






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