Nid ydym yn gwybod a yw'r ymateb mwyaf diweddar i'r cais hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth neuai peidio - os chi ywLeah Overend mewngofnodwch a gadael i bawb wybod.

Adult's, Children's and Education Organisational Structure

Leah Overend made this Freedom of Information request to Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Bury Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please provide the organisational structure charts (including names, job tile and contact details) for the Adult Social Care, Children’s Social Care and Education directorate covering the following job titles:

Director, assistant director, Head of Service, Service Manager.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,
Leah Overend

Customer Contact Team, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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Customer Contact Team


Thank you for contacting us, we aim to reply as soon as possible and this e-mail box is checked regularly.

Our normal working hours are 8.45am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

You can use our online service to report a problem using this link

Outside our working hours and only if the issue requires immediate attention please telephone our emergency team on 0161 253 6606.

Customer Contact Team
Bury Council


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FOI, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Sir/Madam


Freedom of Information request FOI-11972


“The Information Commissioner’s Office has recognised the unprecedented
challenges all are facing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and
that people may experience delays when making information rights requests
during the pandemic.


Please also be aware that the response may not be complete in whole or in
part. This is due to government wide measures to prevent the spread of
COVID-19. Bury Council is currently handling a large volume of business
critical work aimed towards the protection and safeguarding of at risk
groups during the COVID-19 outbreak, and as such the business area may not
be able to provide full information for the completion of the Freedom of
the Information and subject access requests. We will confirm as much as
possible when we send our response to your request.


I trust you will understand this position, but if you are dissatisfied, we
would advise you to re-submit the request in 3-6 months when we may be in
a position to confirm our response”.




Freedom of Information

Customer Contact Team


[1]stay alert





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FOI, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Please find attached the response to your Freedom of Information Request
received 19/06/2020.


Kind Regards


Freedom of information

Customer Contact Team







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Nid ydym yn gwybod a yw'r ymateb mwyaf diweddar i'r cais hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth neuai peidio - os chi ywLeah Overend mewngofnodwch a gadael i bawb wybod.