Academy Schools Abusing Their Powers - a Role for the Children’s Commissioner for England?

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Dear Children’s Commissioner for England,

Following the appearance of Anne Longfield OBE on a Cathy Newman C4 News discussion on 29th August 2018 (that detailed serious matters around well-being in childhood) two communications (from one IP address) were made to Greetland Academy Multi-School Trust questioning whether an Instagram social media profile (with “followers” comments pertaining to the sexual attractiveness of the swimwear-modelling photographs) belonged to the "Director of the Teaching School". The result of these two communications was that an unknown person, who was likely to be a "Specialist Leader in Education", contacted West Yorkshire Police. West Yorkshire police then issued a threat/warning to the member of public that if they were to contact the Academy School again they would be arrested under Section 1.1.b of The Malicious Communication Act 1988. It is only by residing in a separate UK legal jurisdiction from England that prevented the member of the public from being arrested by a police officer from West Yorkshire Police. The threat/warning was formally issued by a separate UK police force from West Yorkshire Police, and shortly after this the email from West Yorkshire Police was deleted from their system (information communicated at the time by a non-West Yorkshire Police officer who sounded extremely uncomfortable about this whole matter).

It is probable that the "Specialist Leader in Education" who was using the agency of the West Yorkshire Police to issue the threat is Dr Jo Pearson. Dr Pearson has used her Twitter account to highlight a ‘The Guardian' newspaper article ridiculing the author Jordan B. Peterson (of "Ha Gotcha" Cathy Newman C4 News fame). The newspaper article that was "retweeted" from another educator (going by the Twitter name of "The Primary Head"). The article evidenced male gender-shaming tactics together with a ridiculing of Peterson’s description of the peer-reviewed publications that pertain to the fundamental and evolutionarily conserved serotonergic neurobiology of resource hierarchies in biological systems. Ironically these are the very same social media-evidenced hierarchies that a "Director of the Teaching School" could be demonstrating (if indeed this "Director of the Teaching School" is the owner of the social media account in question, a question that has never been answered by Greetland Academy Multi-School Trust or AA Teamworks) and that a "Specialist Leader in Education" (who could be Dr Jo Pearson) is trying to cover-up the social media-mediated exhibition of from entering the public domain as mutual knowledge, with the agency and sanctioning of West Yorkshire Police.

What statuary powers does the Children’s Commissioner for England have to enforce Academy School educators in England to undertake mandatory training on the uses (and abuses) of social (and other) power or do children just have to accept that issues around the way in which Academy Schools in England use (and potentially abuse) their powers could be a manifestation of what biologist Bret Weinstein describes as a cultural form of biological senescence and that these powers are outside of their locus of control?

Yours faithfully,
SJA Grove

FOSTER, Lyn - Children's Commissioner, Children's Commissioner for England

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Dear SJA Grove,


I refer to your email which we received on Sunday 4 November 2018 which
includes the following Freedom of Information request;  


‘What statuary powers does the Children’s Commissioner for England have to
enforce Academy School educators in England to undertake mandatory
training on the uses (and abuses) of social (and other) power’,


Please be advised that the Children’s Commissioner’s Office does not have
any statutory powers to enforce Academy school educators to undertake
mandatory training on any issue.


However, with reference to your wider concerns and should you wish to take
this forward, I have provided  a link to the website on how to
complain about an Academy:




In addition, should you wish to complain about the actions of a police
officer from West Yorkshire Police you could contact the [2]West Yorkshire
Police and Crime Commissioner,  Mark Burns-Williamson.


His contact details are as follows:


[3][email address].


Yours sincerely,





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