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Laura Wentworth 
Governance Officer 
NHS Western Cheshire 
Direct Line: 

01244 385041 
FOI 3609 
Dr Joseph Reddington 
Dear Dr Reddington, 
Please find detailed below NHS Western Cheshire’s response to your request received on 11th November 
2011 regarding the provision of augmentative and alternative communication devices. Apologies for the 
delay in responding to your FOI request however, as we no longer provide community services as part of 
NHS Western Cheshire we have had to liaise with Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation 
Trust, as one of our Provider Organisations, to obtain the full response. 
You asked:  
For the details of  augmentative and alternative communication devices supplied / purchased by 
your Trust between 31st March 2006 and 1st April 2011. Also, for the information to be broken down 
by both product name (so for example Dynavox Xpress, iPod tough with Tap ToTalk, BigMack any 
by year). You requested for this information be both children and adults, but not a breakdown by 
Please see below for details of the communication devices authorised by the Individual & Exceptional 
Funding Panel: 
2009/10 – Adult – Eyemax Aid 
2010/11 – Adult – Samsung Note Book with Windbag Software 
Please note that the devices above do not include any devices that may have been provided by the 
Speech and Language Team (SALT Service). 
The Children’s Speech and Language Team (SALT Service) have not purchased any ‘speech and 
language communication devices’ as a Department since April 2007. 
Staff may have recommended device but these would have been purchased through education / charity 
or the family themselves. Families may have made a request directly to NHS Western Cheshire but the 
Head of Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is not aware of this happening. 

I hope this sufficiently answers your enquiry but please do not hesitate to contact Laura Wentworth, 
Governance Officer on 01244 385041 or e-mail, should you require any 
further information.   
As part of our commitment to improving our services, I would be grateful if you would take the time to tell 
us how we dealt with your request for information by completing a short customer satisfaction survey. The 
survey is completely anonymous and should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. 
The survey can be found on our public website via the following link Freedom of Information customer 
satisfaction survey 
Yours sincerely  
Kathy Doran 
Chief Executive 
NHS Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral 
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