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23 March 2022 
 File ref: FOI2022/00104 
 J Dennis 
 Sent by email: request-836902- 
Dear J Dennis 
Freedom of Information request: FOI2022/00104 
Thank you for your email of 25 February 2022 requesting information about connections 
with Russia.  
The University of Edinburgh is a global university, rooted in Scotland. We are global y 
recognised for our research, development and innovation and we have provided world-
class teaching to our students for more than 430 years. We are the largest university in 
Scotland and in 2020/21 our annual revenue was £1.18 bil ion, of which £324 million was 
research income. We have over 45,000 students and over 16,000 staff. We are a 
founding member of the UK's Russell Group of leading research universities and a 
member of the League of European Research Universities. 
International range of activities  
The University operates on an international stage and this is reflected in all areas of 
university life. The institution has a range of framework agreements with leading 
universities, ministries and governments throughout the world. We collaborate daily with 
national and international colleagues - jointly researching, teaching, organising 
conferences and providing seminars. We also offer a growing number of jointly awarded 
PhD degree programmes in partnership with universities within the UK and beyond.  
Connections with Russia 
Funding from Russian sources  
You asked for information about funding from Russian sources, both governmental and 
non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 
Major prospective donations to the University always undergo a rigorous due diligence 
process and until the end of 2021 they went before our Ethical Fundraising Advisory 
Group. Since then, the Income Due Diligence Group now considers and advises on 
whether the source and purpose of donations, fundraising and other funded activities are 
ethically acceptable. 
University Secretary:  Ms Sarah Smith 
The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336 

As you did not specify a time frame for this question I am providing information for the 
last five academic/financial years, from 2016/17 to present. In this period, the University 
has received no funding from any organisation or individual based in Russia. 
Visits from high profile Russian visitors, gifts received by the University or staff from 
Russian sources, official university visits by staff to Russia 
You asked for information about visits from high profile Russian individuals, gifts received 
by the University or University staff from Russian sources, and any official visits by to 
Russia by University staff. 
So that the University's schools and subject areas are managed according to their 
individual and distinctive operational needs, the University operates a devolved 
management structure comprising three academic colleges, subdivided into twenty-one 
schools, and three support groups, subdivided into some seventy support services. The 
information you request for each of these questions could be held by a range of 
departments within this structure. To respond to your requests fully, I would have to 
contact a number of local areas within the University to establish the location of relevant 
information in relation to each question. Doing this would cost more than £600 for each 
question, the limit over which the University is not required to respond to freedom of 
information requests. If you were to restrict your requests to named individuals, the cost 
would be reduced. However, please be aware that it may be the case that information 
would be exempted from disclosure on grounds of potential disclosure of personal 
information. A list of the University's schools and departments  is available on our 
Details of the meetings held on 27th June 2018 between Peter Mathieson and the 
Russian Ambassador 
You asked for details of meetings held on 27th June 2018 between Peter Mathieson and 
the Russian Ambassador. Principal Peter Mathieson met with Consul General Andrey 
Pritsepov and Vice Consul Anastasia Ili nskaya. They discussed a potential study tour of 
Russian universities, to be undertaken by senior representatives of Scotland’s 
Documents, memos or emails mentioning or discussing the death of Edinburgh academic 
Alexander Kagansky 
You asked for any documents, memos or emails mentioning or discussing the death of 
Edinburgh academic Alexander Kagansky. 
Information regarding this request for could be held by a range of departments within the 
University. To respond to your request fully, I would have to contact a number of local 
areas within the University to establish the location of relevant information. Doing this 
would cost more than £600, the limit over which the University is not required to respond 
to freedom of information requests. If you were to restrict your request to a specific area 
within the University, the cost would be reduced. However, please be aware that it may 
be the case that information would be exempted from disclosure on grounds of potential 
disclosure of personal information, and that the cost may stil  be stil  prove to be over the 
£600 limit. A list of the University's schools and departments  is available on our website. 


Details of funding received from Russkiy Mir  
You asked for details of funding received from Russkiy Mir, including the £221,000 
received for the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre. 
Since 2010 the University has received a total of £221,073 in funding from the Russkiy 
Mir Foundation. This included initial funding to provide furniture, equipment and 
stationery for the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, funding towards an international 
conference in December 2014, and annual funding for the salary of one post. 
Following an expression of interest from the Foundation in establishing a relationship and 
subsequent discussions, the Russkiy Mir Foundation’s provision of financial support to 
the Centre was established through an Agreement of Cooperation in February 2009. In 
2010 and 2011 contracts for donations for furniture and equipment for the new Centre 
were also agreed. A 2011 donation agreement for funds to cover the salary costs of 
one post in the Centre was signed annually. 
From 2018 onwards, the University has had no active agreements with the Russkiy Mir 
Foundation and does not expect that situation to change. The University of Edinburgh’s 
Princess Dashkova Centre has received no funding from the Russkiy Mir Foundation 
since December 2017 when it received £12,000 as payment for outstanding funds related 
to historic part funding of the salary of one junior member of staff. 
Further information regarding the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre can be found on 
the University website. 
Details of the talk and any meetings held with Russian Ambassador Alexander 
Finally, you asked for details of the talk and any meetings held with Russian Ambassador 
Alexander Yakovenko on or around 1st Dec 2017. I can confirm that Alexander 
Yakovenko gave a talk at the University on 30 November 2017 on the theme of Russian 
foreign policy, followed by questions from the audience. I can confirm that no meeting 
was held between the then Principal and the Ambassador on or around this date. 
Information regarding any other meetings which could have been arranged between the 
Ambassador and University representatives could be held by a range of departments 
within the University. To respond to your request fully, I would have to contact a number 
of local areas within the University to establish the location of relevant information. Doing 
this would cost more than £600, the limit over which the University is not required to 
respond to freedom of information requests. If you were to restrict your request to a 
specific area or named individual(s) within the University, the cost would be reduced.  
Right to review 
If you are dissatisfied with this response, you may ask the University to conduct a review 
of this decision by contacting the University's Records Management Section in writing 
(e.g. by letter or email) or in some other recorded form (e.g. audio or video tape). You 
should describe the original request, explain your grounds for dissatisfaction, and include 
an address for correspondence. You have 40 working days from receipt of this letter to 
submit a review request. The contact details for the Records Management Section are at 


the top of this letter. When the review process has been completed, if you are stil  
dissatisfied, you may use the Scottish Information Commissioner’s guidance on making 
an appeal to make an appeal to the Commissioner. If you do not have access to the 
Internet, please let me know and I wil  provide a copy of the relevant web pages. 
Privacy notice for information request applicants 
The University of Edinburgh's request privacy notice, which describes how we use the 
information you have supplied about yourself and your request, is published on the 
University website. 
Yours sincerely  
David Ward 
Records Management Section 
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