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9th August 2021 
Our Ref: FOI 1519
Dear Ms Eccleston, 
I am writing to you in response to your Freedom of Information request received by 
the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) on 13th July 2021 in which 
you requested information relating to the Review of Deceased Patient Records. 
Please accept our apologies for the delay in procuring this information.  
Please find the information requested below: 
1.  Can you confirm the number of patients in the first cohort is 45? 
Please refer to the following press statement which confirms that the records 
of 45 deceased patients will be reviewed during Phase 2 of the Expert 
2.  Can you provide a copy of the terms of reference for the review? 
Please refer to the RQIA website to access key documents, including terms of 
reference and Phase 2 objectives: 
Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority - RQIA 
RQIA, 7th Floor 
028 9536 1111 
Victoria House 
15-27 Gloucester Street 
Belfast  BT1 4LS 
Assurance, Challenge and Improvement in Health and Social Care 

3.  Can you clarify if you are investigating the deaths of these patients, or 
just reviewing their medical records? 
The RQIA have commissioned the Royal College of Physicians to establish 
an Expert Review Panel of experienced consultants from outside of Northern 
Ireland to review the records of the deceased patients selected for Phase 2 of 
the Review and also consider any information shared with RQIA by the 
families of those patients. 
4.  What authority/powers do you have when investigating deaths? 
The Health and Personal Social Services (Quality Improvement and 
Regulation (NI) Order 2003 does not confer specific powers in relation to 
investigating deaths.  
However Article 35 of the 2003 Order relates to the function of carrying out 
investigations into, and making reports on, the management, provision or 
quality of the health and personal social services for which statutory bodies 
have responsibility.  
5.  I was informed in May that you were working through a heavy amount of 
paperwork to remove the staples before digitising the records. Has the 
digitisation of paper records begun? 

Yes. The digitisation of the deceased patients’ records selected for Phase 2 of 
the Expert Review has progressed, with an anticipated completion date, for 
GP and Trust records by the first week in August 2021.   
6.  Have you managed to obtain Dr Watt’s medical records from his home? 
RQIA’s legal representatives have worked with Dr Watt’s legal team to obtain 
the records of those patients selected for review during Phase 2 who were at 
some point treated by Dr Watt in the independent sector.   
7.  Given the acknowledgment by the Trust of the errors surrounding their 
medical records, and the 9000+ patient review of Radiographer Aiden 
O'Brien’s work, why was the decision made to only look at the ECR 
system? Whilst the ECR system is the main system, I have raised 
concerns about the handling of this system to the DoH in 2019. Will you 
now include all of the systems that were used to capture data? 
This information is contained in Section 8 of the Legal Framework which 
provides an overview of the deceased patient records identified for review by 
the Expert Panel: 
KM_C308-20201110112559 ( 
Assurance, Challenge and Improvement in Health and Social Care 

8.  I have requested that the audit logs/trails are looked at to reduce errors 
and ensure efficiency, can you advise if this is going to be undertaken? 
This is outside the scope of Phase 2 Objectives for this Review (link below):  
ace0859f-8344-4e2e-b5e7-1f64b42b1767.pdf ( 
I hope that the information provided assists you. If you are dissatisfied in any way 
with the handling of your request, you have the right to request a review. You should 
do this as soon as possible or in any case within two months of the date of issue of 
this letter.  
In the event that you require a review to be undertaken, you can do so by writing to 
The Business Services Organisation (BSO), who provide an Information Governance 
service on our behalf: 
Post:  Information Governance Manager,  
2 Franklin Street,  
BT2 8DQ 
If, following an internal review, carried out by an independent decision making panel, 
you remain dissatisfied in any way with the handling of the request, you may make a 
complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office and ask that they investigate 
whether the BSO has complied with the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 
You can contact Information Commissioner at: 
0303 123 1113 
Information Commissioner's Office 
3rd Floor, 14 Cromac Place 
BT7 2JB 
In most circumstances the Information Commissioner will not investigate a complaint 
unless an internal review procedure has been carried out. However the 
Commissioner has the option to investigate the matter at his discretion. 
Yours Sincerely, 
Emer Hopkins 
Interim Director of Improvement 
Assurance, Challenge and Improvement in Health and Social Care