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                             From the Principal Bursar 
                  ST JOHN’S COLLEGE 
                  OXFORD  •  OX1 3JP 
Jonathan Jacobson 
Sent by email: 
26 February 2021 
Dear Mr Jacobson, 
I am replying to your Freedom of Information request to the College, which was received by the 
Freedom of Information Officer on 2 February 2021. 
For clarity here is your original text: 
I would like to request the following information from the 2020 Admissions cycle for BA Economics in 
Microsoft Excel format: 
1. The ECAA (Section 1a, 1b and 2) scores of all applicants, indicating whether the applicant was 
interviewed and/or received an offer. 
2. The interview scores of all interviewed applicants, indicating whether the applicant received an 
3. The predicted grades of all applicants, indicating whether the applicant was interviewed and/or 
received an offer. 
4. The number of applicants who applied for BA Economics at St Johns, the percent of total applicants 
who were interviewed for BA Economics, and the percent of total applicants who received offers for 
BA Economics. 
Please be advised that a BA in Economics is not offered as an undergraduate course at the University 
of Oxford and therefore not at St John’s College Oxford either Programmes | Department of 
Economics ( 
If you wish to request a review of this response, you should write to me at the above address in the 
first instance. The entire set of correspondence will be passed for review to another person in the 
College. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a review, you have the right to make a complaint 
to the Information Commissioner's Office.   
Yours sincerely, 
Prof. S. J. Elston 
Deputy Bursar 
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