Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'To know whether there is an investigation into someone and where matter stands to date'.

Disclosure Team  
Ministry of Justice 
102 Petty France  
Mr John Bonham 
Date: 2 December 2020 
Dear Mr Bonham  
Thank you for your e-mail of the 16 November 2020, in which you asked for the following 
information from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ):   
I would like to know whether or not, there is or was an investigation related to serious 
fraud or money laundering where the current Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind 
Kumar Jugnauth and Loganaden  Govinden (a Mauritian/UK citizen) are involved, 
between year 2011 and now, and if so, where matter stands. Furthermore, any 
explanation into why investigation has been stopped, discontinued and/or struggling. 
The investigation concerned a transfer of MUR 20 million between two UK based bank 
accounts holders, that is, from Mr Govinden to one Mr Rowntree, for the purchase of 
lands in Mauritius by the Prime Minister named above. I would be very much grateful 
if above required information may be made available to the public under FOI. 
I am writing to advise you that your enquiry does not fall under the Freedom of Information 
Act 2000 (FOIA) regime and has been rejected by the Disclosure Team. 
It may be helpful if I explain that the FOIA gives individuals and organisations the right of 
access to all types of recorded information held, at the time the request is received, by public 
authorities such as the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Section 84 of the FOIA states that in order 
for a request for information to be handled as a FOI request, it must be for recorded 
For example, a FOI request would be for a copy of a policy, rather than an explanation as to 
why we have that policy in place. On occasion, the MoJ receives requests that do not ask for 
recorded information, but ask more general questions about, for example, a policy, opinion 
or a decision.  
You may wish to re-submit your enquiry to the Ministry of Justice, which will be treated as 
Official Correspondence. Our contact details are as follows: 
102 Petty France 
Contact Form: 

If you do have any questions relating specifically to the FOIA or Data Protection Act (DPA), 
please contact the Disclosure Team at the following e-mail address:  For your advice and assistance, I would advise that any such 
request clarifies what specific recorded information you would be requesting from MoJ? It 
would help if any such request clarified if you are asking for any particular report, or court 
case details?  On receipt of a request for recorded information, then MoJ could be able to 
process your request as an FOIA. 
Please be aware that we cannot guarantee at this stage that any information will be held for 
any clarified request, or that any FOIA exemptions will not apply. Also, MoJ may not be the 
appropriate authority to contact on this subject because it could be Home Office, or CPS 
who such an enquiry needs to be directed to.  
Yours sincerely  
The Disclosure Team