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Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local 
Fry Building 
2 Marsham Street 
Tel: 0303 444 0000
Mr Keith Lisle
Date: 3 November 2020
Dear Mr Lisle, 
Freedom of Information Act 2000 - 9353075
Thank you for your request for information, which we received on 6 October 
2020 and processed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
You requested: 
"1. Up to 10/10/2020, how many applications have been registered on the Homes 
England's IT system? 

2. Up to 10/10/2020, how many applications have had their application cancelled? 
3. Up to 10/10/2020 how many property sales have completed and now owned by 
the tenant. 

4. How much of the allocated £200,000,000 has now been spent? 
5. When will the Midlands VRTB pilot report be completed? 
6. Where will the surplus money from the Midlands VRTB be allocated? 
7. If the Midlands VRTB pilot reports deems it successful will there be a national 
rollout of the VRTB?
We can confirm that the information requested is held by the Ministry of Housing, 
Communities and Local Government and we are able to provide you with all this 
information. I have detailed below the information that is being released to you.
1. Up to 10/10/2020, how many applications have been registered on the 
Homes England's IT system? 
As of 5 October 2020, a total of 3,879 applications have been entered into the 
system. This figure has risen slightly due to a small amount of additional data being 
captured on terminated applications.

2. Up to 10/10/2020, how many applications have had their application 
As of 5 October 2020, of the tenants who have made an application to their housing 
association, 2,031 have either cancelled their application or had their application 
terminated by their housing association.  
Reasons for termination may include a tenant not meeting the eligibility criteria for 
the pilot, or a tenant withdrawing their application for any reason, for example if they 
cannot afford the purchase. 
3. Up to 10/10/2020 how many property sales have completed and now 
owned by the tenant. 
As of 5 October 2020, there have been 1,781 sales under the pilot. 
4. How much of the allocated £200,000,000 has now been spent? 
As of 5 October 2020, £115.4m has been spent on funding Voluntary Right to Buy 
discounts under the Midlands pilot.  
This figure captures the discount amount from the sales that is paid to housing 
associations, and the compensation paid to housing associations for the allowable 
costs of administering the scheme. 
5. When will the Midlands pilot report be completed? 
The Voluntary Right to Buy Midlands pilot has not yet ended, with a few sales still to 
go through to completion. The evaluation report will be published after the pilot 
6. Where will the surplus money from the Midlands VRTB be allocate
6,000 tenants were given the opportunity to apply to their housing association under 
the Midlands pilot. The applications and sales progressed more slowly than 
expected, and the level of dropout was higher than was forecasted, which meant that 
there was spare budget in 2019/20. Ministers decided to allocate some of that 
budget to urgent priorities, including the Private Sector ACM Cladding Remediation 
7. If the Midlands VRTB pilot report deems it successful will there be a national 
rollout of the VRTB?

As set out in the 2019 manifesto, the Government will evaluate new pilot areas for 
the Voluntary Right to Buy. We will announce more details on this in due course.
Complaints procedure
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Yours sincerely,