Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'List of FOI Requests'.

Request,Result,Response issue date,Exemptions
Vetting and Criminal convictions of Members,Fully exempt,06/01/2014,s.21
"Expenditure on Refreshments, Stationery and bottled water for last 5 years",Fully disclosed,16/01/2014,
Cost of cleaning Ceremonial garments over last 5 years,Fully disclosed,22/01/2014,
Calls made to premium phone lines over the last 3 years,Partly disclosed where held,22/01/2014,
Items reported missing or stolen over for last year up to November 2013,Fully disclosed,27/01/2014,
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully disclosed,15/01/2014,
Top 100 websites visited on a specified date,Fully disclosed,14/01/2014,
Items recorded as lost property in the Palace in 2013,Fully disclosed,23/01/2014,
Claims involved in a meeting held by named Member,Not held,06/01/2014,
Issuing of mobile devices to Members with lost/stolen reports for last 3 years,Fully disclosed,22/01/2014,
Employees of the House employed on Zero hour contracts,Fully disclosed,24/01/2014,
Members salaries and expense claims over the last 12 months,Not held,06/01/2014,
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully disclosed,29/01/2014,
Electronic Mailouts from named MP,Not held,06/01/2014,
the provision of former Tory MPs' pensions for the latest available year ,Not held,07/01/2014,
Details of new chairs in Portcullis House,Fully disclosed,24/01/2014,
Training for Members,Fully exempt,30/01/2014,"s.21, s.41, s.43"
MPs with an interest in the Child Support Agency,Not held,08/01/2014,
PM's cancelling weekly audience with the Queen,Not held,08/01/2014,
Copies of procedural manuals for the House,Partly exempt,05/02/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
Copies of all extant Committee Office circulars,Not held,29/01/2014,
List of staff employed by Members,Not held,09/01/2014,
Food and drink feedback for Parliamentary catering facilities over last 6 months,Partly exempt,22/01/2014,"s.21, s.40"
Details of investigation into medical experiments in Canada,Not held,10/01/2014,
Details of spending on publically owned offices and schools in various London boroughs,Not held,10/01/2014,
Security at a Works and Pensions meeting,Not held,29/01/2014,
Parliaments response to the 1925 Gold Standards Act,Not held,13/01/2014,
Bench rota for the Foodbanks debate for specified date,Not held,13/01/2014,
Use of electric cigarettes on the Parliamentary estate,Not held,23/01/2014,
Correspondence relating to the Prime Minister (Replacement) Bill and named Member,Fully exempt,24/01/2014,"s.34, s.36, s.40"
Details of a proposed bust of a named former MP,Not held,23/01/2014,
Spending on Ceremonial garments for last 5 years,Fully exempt,15/01/2014,s.21
Individuals involved in privatisation of the Public sector,Not held,15/01/2014,
Speeches made by the Prime Minister,Fully exempt,16/01/2014,s.21
Correspondence between named ex MP and their constituent,Not held,15/01/2014,
Equality & diversity traing for Members & house staff,Partly disclosed where held,30/01/2014,
Cost and value of works of art,Not held,22/01/2014,
Over claim of expenses by MPs over last 5 years,Fully exempt,28/01/2014,s.21
Clauses used by MPs in emails,Not held,21/01/2014,
Employment of parliamentary office staff by MPs at the House of Commons,Not held,21/01/2014,
Details of 2007/08 expenses for named Member,Not held,10/02/2014,
Accessing of specific websites since 2010,Partly disclosed where held,13/02/2014,
Number of clocks on the Parliamentary estate,Fully disclosed,30/01/2014,
Recording items in Hansard,Fully disclosed,24/01/2014,
Cost of maintaining paintings of 20th & 21st century Parliamentarians in 2012 and 2013,Partly disclosed where held,24/01/2014,
Crimes reported on the Parliamentary Estate from March 2012 to December 2013,Fully disclosed,20/02/2014,
Cost of providing flowers for events and receptions in 2012 and 2013,Fully disclosed,18/02/2014,
Are named individuals employed by the House of Commons,Fully exempt,24/01/2014,"s.14, s.40"
Maintenance of the Jubilee fountain between 2010 and 2013,Fully disclosed ,05/02/2014,
Development of policy on electronic cigarettes,Fully disclosed,14/02/2014,
Rates appeals,Fully disclosed,20/02/2014,
Number of Members receiving ministerial salaries,Not held,27/01/2014,
Correspondence between the House and the The International Council on Monuments and Sites or Unesco,Partly disclosed where held,13/02/2014,
Members salaries and claimable expenses,Not held,27/01/2014,
Office 365 migration,Fully disclosed,19/02/2014,
Members claims and staff employed by Political parties,Not held,28/01/2014,
Emails sent by staff of the House regarding homeopathy,Partly exempt,10/02/2014,"s.36, s.40"
Non staff passes to the House issued on behalf of the Speaker,Partly exempt,24/02/2014,s.40
Services offered by the PAS service and use by Members and their staff,Fully disclosed,18/02/2014,
Members speaking at Parliamentary Outreach events,Not held,13/02/2014,
Parliamentary Select Committee investigations regarding HMRC and VAT,Fully exempt,06/02/2014,s.21
Advice regarding CSA,Not held,28/01/2014,
Constituency lease agreement of named Member,Partly exempt,07/02/2014,s.40
Ethnicity of House of Commons staff,Fully exempt,25/02/2014,s.21
Stolen items in the House of Commons and Lords over last 5 years,Fully disclosed,25/02/2014,
Legal advice supplied to an All party group,Not held,29/01/2014,
Copies of documents held by the Public Accounts Committee,Partly exempt,11/02/2014,"s.21, s.34, s.40"
Witnesses at the IPCC Assessment review by Committee on Energy and Climate Change,Partly exempt,13/02/2014,s.34
Members expenses claimed between 2010 and 2013,Fully exempt,30/01/2014,s.21
Weapons confiscated by the House of Commons over the last 5 years,Fully disclosed,27/02/2014,
MPS staff being made Officers of the House,Not held,13/02/2014,
Copy of the House of Commons retention schedule,Fully exempt,30/01/2014,s.21
Emails of named Member through Parliamentary account,Not held,31/01/2014,
Giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee,Partly disclosed where held,12/02/2014,
Vermin/pests on the Parliamentary estate since 2011,Fully disclosed,17/02/2014,
Adjournment debate requests on specified subject over last 6 months,Partly exempt,18/02/2014,"s.21, s.34"
Urgent opposition questions since the Coalition,Partly exempt,07/02/2014,s.21
Feedback on catering establishments in the House over the last 12 months,Partly exempt,25/02/2014,"s.21, s.40"
Percentage of Members residing in their constituencies,Not held,24/02/2014,
Cash handed in to lost property over the last 5 years,Fully disclosed,03/03/2014,
MPs being paid as registered companies,Not held,04/02/2014,
Use and possession of illegal substances in the House since 2010,Partly disclosed where held,26/02/2014,
Board for the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman vacancy,Fully exempt,06/02/2014,s.21
Amount spent on alcohol by the HoC catering and retail service since 2012,Partly exempt,03/03/2014,s.40
Essential maintenance on the Palace of Westminster over the last 5 years,Partly exempt,05/03/2014,s.21
Current Members with criminal convictions,Not held,06/02/2014,
Complaints made by Members regarding catering in the House since 2012,Partly exempt,05/03/2014,s.40
House of Commons accomodation used for Trade Union business,Fully disclosed,05/03/2014,
Allocation of resources in the House of Commons,Fully disclosed,25/02/2014,
Role of Lord Chancellor,Not held,07/02/2014,
HMRC papers held by the Parliamentary Select Committee,Fully exempt,19/02/2014,s.21
Members of the House of Commons Commission and the supplier and bills of utilities in the House,Partly exempt,06/03/2014,"s.12, s.21, s.22"
Practice notes relating to operation of Select Committees,Partly exempt,26/02/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
MPs sleeping on the Parliamentary estate,Partly exempt,10/03/2014,s.40
Correspondence on proposed work of art of a former Member,Fully exempt,20/02/2014,s.21
Report by the Works and Pensions Committee,Fully exempt,20/02/2014,s.21
Right to travel,Not held,11/02/2014,
Correspondence with the Communities & Local Government Committees,Partly exempt,25/02/2014,s.40
TV licenses purchased by the House since 2008,Partly disclosed where held,12/03/2014,
MPS staff having been made Officers of the House,Fully disclosed,03/03/2014,
Condiments provided in the House catering establishments over last 5 years,Fully disclosed,25/02/2014,
Terms of reference of a House contract,Fully disclosed,26/02/2014,
Attendance and salaries of MPs,Not held,19/02/2014,
Costs of running the Houses of Parliament since the coalition came into power,Fully exempt,20/02/2014,s.21
Complaints received in 2014 regarding access to the Parliamentary network,Fully disclosed,03/03/2014,
House of Commons policy on Freedom of Information,Fully disclosed,17/02/2014,
Quality and spending on loo paper in the House over last 12 months,Fully disclosed,11/03/2014,
"Government expenditure on Tea, Coffee and Biscuits within the House of Commons in 2013",Partly exempt,13/03/2014,s.43
Travel expenses of named Member,Not held,17/02/2014,
Current Members witholding criminal records,Not held,19/02/2014,
Timescale of House contracts,Fully disclosed,07/03/2014,
Expenses for the Speaker,Partly exempt,04/03/2014,s.12
Correspondence to the Speaker by Members of the House regarding PMQs,Not held,27/02/2014,
How the Shadow Cabinet voted regarding the 2004 GP contract,Not held,20/02/2014,
Copies of materials used for course run for Members in 2013,Partly exempt,25/02/2014,s.40
Speaker leasing cars since 2009,Not held,26/02/2014,
The top ten most borrowed books from the House of Commons library in 2013,Fully disclosed,10/03/2014,
Financial details of the CSA,Not held,24/02/2014,
Financial performance of the Palace of Westminster shop between 2011 to 2013,Fully disclosed,10/03/2014,
MPs born in their constituencies,Not held,25/02/2014,
MPs employment histories,Not held,25/02/2014,
Information concerning Member of the House,Partly disclosed where held,19/03/2014,
Information regarding the HMRC and VAT,Fully exempt,25/02/2014,s.21
Dates of alleged crimes on the estate,Fully exempt,27/02/2014,s.40
Speakers office staff,Partly exempt,20/03/2014,s.40
Employment tribunals involving MPs staff since 2010,Partly exempt,20/03/2014,"s.40, s.41"
Correspondence regarding PMQs over the last 2 years,Fully disclosed,11/03/2014,
Correspondence to the Speaker by Members of the House regarding parliamentary debates,Not held,04/03/2014,
Statutory Laws enforced on individuals,Not held,03/03/2014,
Clarification on Royal Assent,Not held,03/03/2014,
Gambling websites accessed on the Parliamentary estate over the last 3 months,Fully disclosed,24/03/2014,
Visits abroad by named MP,Fully exempt,07/03/2014,s.21
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully disclosed,19/03/2014,
Alcoholic drinks sold in bars and events,Partly exempt,20/03/2014,"s.22, s.43"
Members who represent Islington,Fully exempt,06/03/2014,s.21
European Union documents,Partly exempt,31/03/2014,s.21
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully disclosed,24/03/2014,
Request for closed files ,Partly exempt,02/04/2014,"s.34, s.40"
Development & roll out of iCal system,Not held,11/03/2014,
Worker's nationality in Parliament,Partly exempt,02/04/2014,s.40
Drafting of a Statutory Instrument,Not held,07/03/2014,
Twitter account of a named MP,Not held,10/03/2014,
Details of named MPs foreign travel,Not held,10/03/2014,
Copy of an IT paper,Partly exempt,31/03/2014,"s.24, s.31, s.42"
Catering debt in the House since 2010,Fully disclosed,07/04/2014,
Travel details of Deputy Speaker and officials,Fully disclosed,25/03/2014,
Advice on FOI requests to a local council,Not held,12/03/2014,
Guidance on FOI requests made to a local council,Not held,12/03/2014,
Parliamentary funding of a specified project,Not held,14/03/2014,
Spend on alcohol in Commons bars 2010-2013,Partly exempt,19/03/2014,s.21
University attendance of MPs,Not held,18/03/2014,
Scottish MPs representing English constituencies,Not held,18/03/2014,
Ethnicity of oral witnesses called to HSC hearings,Not held,18/03/2014,
Funding for UK emergencies in last two years from other countries,Not held,18/03/2014,
Pest control in the House over the last 5 years,Partly exempt,02/04/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Maintenance on the glass roof in PCH over the last 3 years,Fully disclosed,14/04/2014,
Details of annual Police federation events held in the House between 2004-2011,Partly exempt,14/04/2014,s.40
Funding of off road motor cycling,Not held,21/03/2014,
FOI queries,Fully exempt,21/03/2014,s.21
Current wine stocks in the House of Commons,Partly exempt,07/04/2014,s.43
House of Commons staff taking employer to a tribunal since May 2010,Partly exempt,11/04/2014,s.40
Members of specified All Party Groups,Partly exempt,24/03/2014,s.21
Number of security passes issued in a specified month,Fully disclosed,27/03/2014,
Suggestions to Environment team on energy saving,Fully disclosed,17/04/2014,
Cycle policy monitoring bike parking on the Parliamentary estate,Partly exempt,15/04/2014,s.21
Expense repayments of named ex-Member,Fully exempt,14/04/2014,s.21
Pensions query,Not held,24/03/2014,
Copies of legal expenses,Partly exempt,28/04/2014,s.40
Details of a specified All Party Parliamentary Group,Not held,27/03/2014,
British law made in the EU,Not held,27/03/2014,
Prisoner Officers with depression,Not held,28/03/2014,
Top 100 websites from Sept 2013,Fully disclosed,04/04/2014,
PCH roof maintenance,Partly exempt,17/04/2014,s.12
Details of meetings between the PASC Chairman and the PHSO,Not held,10/04/2014,
Details of a Member's financial interest,Not held,02/04/2014,
Details of HoC Library staff,Fully disclosed,17/04/2014,
Political parties and EU law,Fully exempt,07/04/2014,s.21
Lay members of the Standards Committee,Fully exempt,01/05/2014,s.21
Postcodes of MPs second homes,Not held,07/04/2014,
People who contacted their MPs,Not held,07/04/2014,
Details of staff of named MP,Not held,07/04/2014,
Background checks on Members,Fully disclosed,08/04/2014,
Counter Terrorism checks on House staff,Fully disclosed,29/04/2014,
Cost of investigation into named MP,Not held,25/04/2014,
Animal welfare in Parliament,Partly exempt,02/05/2014,s.21
MPs' staff training,Fully disclosed,30/04/2014,
Science & Tech Cttee correspondence & evidence,Partly exempt,12/05/2014,"s.40, s.34"
Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards inquiries,Partly exempt,29/04/2014,"s.21, s.34"
MPs investigated for fraud,Not held,28/04/2014,
Meaning of a phrase in the Bill of Rights 1688,Fully exempt,10/04/2014,s.21
Taxpayer funded phones for MPs,Partly disclosed where held,08/05/2014,
Costs of overseas trips taken by Commons Select Committees,Partly exempt,15/05/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Non-quorate committees,Partly exempt,08/05/2014,
Information about offshore trusts,Not held,11/04/2014,
Request for Memoranda,Fully exempt,11/04/2014,s.34
Members' staff in Employment Tribunals,Partly exempt,30/04/2014,"s.40, s.41"
Cost of filming on the Parliamentary Estate,Partly exempt,12/05/2014,s.43
Meetings with Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) ,Not held,25/04/2014,
Named Member's staff vacancy,Not held,11/04/2014,
Digital communications in Parliament,Fully disclosed,30/04/2014,
Committee on Standards report information,Fully exempt,14/04/2014,s.34
Debates and statements about the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidated) Act 1992,Not held,14/04/2014,
Cost and contract for filming on the Parliamentary Estate,Partly exempt,12/05/2014,s.43
Bar prices and outstanding MP catering debts,Fully disclosed,29/04/2014,
Sexual assault complaints against MPs since 2006,Not held,30/04/2014,
Cost of parking tickets for taxpayer-funded cars for MPs,CLOSED - No clarification,14/04/2014,
Names of Members on the Committee for Standards,Fully exempt,15/04/2014,s.21
MPs who applied to PAS for an increased staff allowance,Fully exempt,30/04/2014,s.21
Named Member's allowance from 2001/02,Not held,15/04/2014,
Sexual harrassment complaints,Fully disclosed,13/05/2014,
Cost of TV licenses since 2010,Fully disclosed,17/04/2014,
Purchases of bar items,Fully disclosed,30/04/2014,
Revenue gains from the sale of housing stocks,Not held,16/04/2014,
Named Member's expenses,Fully exempt,16/04/2014,s.21
Parliamentary passes given to journalists,Fully exempt,02/05/2014,s.21
Malware attacks,Fully exempt,07/05/2014,s.31
Genetically modified food,Fully disclosed,07/05/2014,
MPs claiming Congestion Charge on expenses,Not held,17/04/2014,
Sound levels during PMQs,Not held,25/04/2014,
Persons banned from entering the Parliamentary estate,Partly exempt,19/05/2014,s.40
Filming in the House,Partly exempt,21/05/2014,s.43
Most borrowed books from the House of Commons library in 2013,Fully exempt,23/04/2014,s.21
Viewing closed files,Partly exempt,19/05/2014,s.40
Energy suppliers for MPs second homes,Not held,25/04/2014,
Accident and first aid incidents logged on Parliamentary estate in 2013,Partly exempt,15/05/2014,s.12
Vetting of Members,Not held,25/04/2014,
PICT contract with Parliament,Partly exempt,25/06/2014,s.12
Sexual assault reported on Parl estate since 2010,Not held,30/04/2014,
Members stationery and postage costs in 2009/10,Fully disclosed,29/04/2014,
Details of Speakers Committee for IPSA,Fully exempt,15/05/2014,s.21
House of Commons Authorised Records Disposal Policy,Fully exempt,29/04/2014,s.21
Websites accessed on the Parliamentary estate from 2012-14,Partly exempt,23/05/2014,s.31
Prices of alcoholic drinks in House of Commons bars,Fully disclosed,30/04/2014,
Letter of notice to the Speaker on the appointment to the chiltern hundreds of named Member,Partly exempt,07/05/2014,s.40
Speakers whisky sold in Parliamentary giftshops since 2010,Fully disclosed,14/05/2014,
Unit costs of items sold in House of Commons bars,Fully exempt,19/05/2014,s.43
Legal papers regarding named MP,Fully disclosed,27/05/2014,
Details of MPs directorships,Partly disclosed where held,02/05/2014,
Communications with companies/individuals and the House of Commons regarding filming in the Palace,Partly exempt,03/06/2014,"s.21, s.40"
Catering services in the House of Commons,Fully disclosed,23/05/2014,
Tier 4 private colleges,Not held,02/05/2014,
Details on a House of Commons tender,Fully exempt,12/05/2014,s.14
Question on Law,Partly exempt,15/05/2014,s.21
Lying in state of Winston Churchill,Fully exempt,07/05/2014,s.40
Policy for under cover agents,Fully exempt,15/05/2014,s.21
Compromise agreements with Members since 2005,Partly exempt,23/05/2014,"s.40, s.41"
Employment history of an employee of the House of Commons,Partly exempt,20/05/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Phone calls made to a House of Commons phone line,Fully exempt,08/05/2014,s.12
Police forces attending various Committees,Not held,09/05/2014,
Benchmark for setting alcohol prices in the House of Commons,Fully disclosed,15/05/2014,
Feedback and costings of survey on House services,Partly exempt,20/05/2014,s.22
Correspondence between the Speaker and No.10 on behaviour in PMQ's over last 3 months,Fully disclosed,20/6/14/2014,
Lying in the House of former named Member,Partly exempt,27/05/2014,"s.37, s.40"
Money paid to the Conservative party over the last 5 years,Not held,08/05/2014,
Members pension booklet,Partly exempt,29/05/2014,
Transcripts to meeting between the Standards Committee and named Member,Not held,20/05/2014,
Quality of stationery used by Members,Not held,14/05/2014,
MPs convictions,Partly disclosed where held,14/05/2014,
Ethnic diversity surveys ,Partly disclosed where held,10/06/2014,
Requests to film on the Parliamentary estate in 2014,Partly disclosed where held,10/06/2014,
Number of staff employed in Parliament,Partly disclosed where held,19/05/2014,
Power sockets installed in House catering establishments for MPs to charge mobile devices,Fully disclosed,29/05/2014,
Correspondence between the Speaker and MPS since 2010,Fully disclosed,29/05/2014,
Details of ongoing legal matter,Partly exempt,27/05/2014,s.40
Correspondence with the House regarding filming in Parliament,Not held,29/05/2014,
Shortlists used to select candidates since 2000,Not held,14/05/2014,
Promotional screens used in catering facilities in the House,Fully disclosed,23/05/2014,
Political party websites viewed from the Parliamentary server,Fully disclosed,11/06/2014,
Payments to a named company,Fully disclosed,20/05/2014,
Various questions on the UK in the EU,Fully exempt,23/05/2014,s.21
Calls received by the Parliament helpline,Not held,29/05/2014,
Running of the parliamentary commissioner for standards office,Partly exempt,28/05/2014,s.22
Military UK action in Northern Ireland,Not held,28/05/2014,
Operation of MPs catering facilities,Fully disclosed,21/05/2014,
Evidence submitted to the Treasury Select Committee,Fully exempt,20/05/2014,s.21
50 most popular alcoholic drinks ordered in HoC bars over the last year,Fully disclosed,28/05/2014,
Maintenance of MPs Parliamentary offices over the last year,Partly exempt,16/06/2014,"s.31, s.40"
Gifts purchased by the Speaker over the last year,Fully disclosed,29/05/2014,
Public meeting organised by the Work & Pensions committee,Fully disclosed,02/06/2014,
Policies on submitting fraudulent documents,Not held,28/05/2014,
Performance of the House of Commons creche,Fully disclosed,19/06/2014,
Interns taken on by political parties,Not held,23/05/2014,
Parties participating in 2014 elections,Not held,27/05/2014,
Submission of HS2 petitions,Not held,05/06/2014,
Weapons seized in the House since 2011,Partly exempt,17/06/2014,s.21
Expenses of MEPs,Not held,27/05/2014,
Items lost/stolen from Parliamentary estate since 2010,Fully disclosed,20/06/2014,
Spending on make up in the House since Jan 2013,Not held,29/05/2014,
Spending on flowers in the House since 2013,Fully disclosed,20/06/2014,
Spending on off site storage by the House over last 5 years,Fully disclosed,06/06/2014,
The role of a MP,Partly exempt,28/05/2014,s.21
Maintenance of glass panes in PCH over last 5 years,Partly exempt,24/06/2014,s.40
Viewing of games websites on Parliamentary network since 2012,Fully disclosed,19/06/2014,
MPs who have catering debts,Fully disclosed,26/06/2014,
Number of interviews by the Prime Minister,Not held,30/05/2014,
Former Members holding post boxes in the House,Fully disclosed,17/06/2014,
Reclaimed expenses of named Member,Fully exempt,02/06/2014,s.21
Request to view closed files - TRANSFERRED TO BAU,CLOSED - BAU,17/06/2014,
Champagne purchased for sale in the House since 2010,Fully disclosed,05/06/2014,
2013 claims for named MP,Not held,03/06/2014,
Prime ministers oath of office and contract of employment,Not held,03/06/2014,
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully disclosed,17/06/2014,
Annual cost of police protection at state opening,Partly disclosed where held,17/06/2014,
Former staff of named Member,Not held,04/06/2014,
Repairs to PCH over the last year,Partly exempt,30/06/2014,"s.40, s.42, s.43"
Details of on going legal case,Not held,17/06/2014,
Membership of the Health Committee,Fully disclosed,05/06/2014,
Details of a House of Commons tender,Fully exempt,17/06/2014,s.43
Number of PQs asked by a Member and access to the estate in 1981,Partly exempt,17/06/2014,s.21
Cost of removing an reinstalling security barriers outside PoW,Fully disclosed,18/06/2014,
Legislation associated with national fostering fortnight,Not held,17/06/2014,
Expense claims of named Members,Not held,25/06/2014,
Job descriptions of various House of Commons staff,Fully disclosed,02/07/2014,
Request to view closed files,Partly exempt,09/07/2014,"s.34, s.40"
Correspondence between MPs and the Charity Commission,Not held,16/06/2014,
Voting for the repeal of the property misdescription Act,Not held,16/06/2014,
MPs outstanding catering bills,Partly exempt,11/07/2014,s.40
Government spend on legal fees for the Hillsborough disaster,Not held,17/06/2014,
Correspondence between the Energy and Cilmate change committee and the Global warming policy foundation,Fully exempt,24/06/2014,s.21
European documents and list of cttees for EU legislation,Partly exempt,19/06/2014,s.21
Payments made from the Members fund,Partly disclosed where held,19/06/2014,
Correspondence by an All party group,Not held,18/06/2014,
Sponsorship of an event in the House,Fully disclosed,19/06/2014,
Sales of Hansard,Fully disclosed,30/06/2014,
Communications between named Members,Not held,20/06/2014,
Correspondence to the Speaker on MPs behaviour during parliamentary debates,Partly exempt,16/07/2014,s.40
Speakers permission on police searches of parliament,Fully disclosed,26/06/2014,
Redirection of mail for former PMs,Not held,24/06/2014,
Health committee correspondence mentioning various phrases regarding tobacco,Not held,27/06/2014,
Questions asked in the Chamber by named Member,Fully exempt,24/06/2014,s.21
Official title of the UK parliament,Fully disclosed,24/06/2014,
MPs language courses for 2012,Fully exempt,24/06/2014,s.21
MPs language courses for 2013/2014,Fully disclosed,14/07/2014,
Catering hygiene inspection reports for the last 3 years,Partly exempt,02/07/2014,s.40
Contract start & end dates,Partly exempt,02/07/2014,"s.22, s.43"
Staff diversity at the House of Commons,Partly exempt,23/07/2014,s.40
Installation of new tv's in the House since 2010,Partly exempt,18/07/2014,s.40
Spending on courses for staff of the House and MPs since 2010,Partly exempt,23/07/2014,"s.21, s.43"
Final version of the manual on Supply Procedure and the Work of the Clerk of Supply ,Not held,26/06/2014,
Request to view closed files,Not held,31/07/2014,
Documentation relating to named search terms,Fully exempt,02/07/2014,"s.12, s.21"
Free postage to Members,Not held,30/06/2014,
Invites to events at various Government functions,Not held,03/07/2014,
Questions raised in the House regarding named event,Partly disclosed where held,03/07/2014,
Documents considered by Committees since 1973,Fully exempt,03/07/2014,s.21
Requests for maintenance of Members offices in 2014,Partly exempt,28/07/2014,"s.31, s.40"
Top 10 priced hotel rooms booked by the HoC travel office since 2012,Partly exempt,07/08/2014,s.40
Redirection of mail to former Members of Parliament,Partly disclosed where held,31/07/2014,
House accommodation for former Members of Parliament in 2012 to 2013,Fully disclosed,10/07/2014,
Preventative measures built into PCH to minimise tremors from London underground,Fully disclosed,10/07/2014,
Release of a Library deposited paper,Fully exempt,24/07/2014,"s.24, s.31, s.38"
Books borrowed from Library since 2013,Fully disclosed,16/07/2014,
Use of House procurement cards since 2012,Fully disclosed,11/07/2014,
Cost of scaffolding on Parliamentary estate,Fully disclosed,28/07/2014,
Meetings between named Members and the GWPF,Not held,11/07/2014,
Complaints regarding toilets in the House over last 2 years,Partly exempt,29/07/2014,s.40
Hybrid Bill procedures,Partly exempt,17/07/2014,s.21
Questions on the law,Not held,11/07/2014,
Rights under the magna carta,Not held,11/07/2014,
Allegations of sexual harrassment since 2010,Fully exempt,28/07/2014,s.40
Oath of allegiance by various organisations,Not held,14/07/2014,
IP addresses,Fully exempt,29/07/2014,"s.24, s.31"
Statute Laws,Not held,15/07/2014,
Bread and flour,Partly disclosed where held,14/07/2014,
Child abuse enquiry and procedures,Partly exempt,25/07/2014,s.21
Spending on House procurement cards,Fully disclosed,12/08/2014,
Staff employed by named MP,Not held,15/07/2014,
Rat infestations in the House since 2010,Fully disclosed,29/07/2014,
List of MPs with criminal records,Partly exempt,22/07/2014,s.21
Request to view closed file,Not held,18/07/2014,
Named Members emails,Not held,21/07/2014,
Nationality of candidates for Clerk of the House of Commons vacancy,Fully exempt,18/08/2014,s.40
Correspondence between PAC and various individuals,Fully exempt,31/07/2014,s.34
Responses to a recent staff survey,Fully disclosed,30/07/2014,
Costs of running House of Commons catering establishments,Fully disclosed,11/08/2014,
Outstanding catering debts,Fully disclosed,06/08/2014,
Refurbishment of PCH kitchens,Fully disclosed,19/08/2014,
Refurbishment of Commons Catering outlets since 2010,Fully disclosed,19/08/2014,
Entrance figures for the parliamentary estate since 2012,Partly disclosed where held,29/07/2014,
Selection of Members to Committees,Fully exempt,28/07/2014,s.21
Postage costs from the Speakers office in 2012 and 2013,Fully disclosed,12/08/2014,
Update on repayments by named former Member,Not held,29/07/2014,
Visitors to named Member in 1993,Not held,29/07/2014,
Credit & debit card payments and transactions,Partly disclosed where held,08/08/2014,
Tender details,Fully disclosed,14/08/2014,
Vote record from debate in 1978,Not held,30/07/2014,
Requests for passes from the Speaker's Office,Partly exempt,27/08/2014,s.40
Complaints against the CSA,Not held,30/07/2014,
Passes requested and issued to friends/family of residents ,Fully disclosed,27/08/2014,
Passes issued by Speaker,CLOSED - No name,,
Reducing environmental impact in Parliament,Fully exempt,07/08/2014,s.21
Transcript of oral evidence for PAC broken link,Fully exempt,04/08/2014,s.21
Housing expenses and spare rooms penalty for MPs,Not held,04/08/2014,
Number of times a named person has been granted access to Speakers Box or Gallery,Not held,27/08/2014,
Details of pass issued to named person,Fully exempt,27/08/2014,s.40
Net cost of Catering Outlets,Fully disclosed,06/08/2014,
Request for a deposited paper,Partly exempt,03/09/2014,s.40
Copy of paper put before the Administration Committee,Fully exempt,21/08/2014,"s.34, s.43"
Volunteer reservists,Not held,06/08/2014,
Audio copy of a Public Accounts Committee inquiry,Fully disclosed,19/08/2014,
Expenses of Northern Ireland MPs since 2005,Fully exempt,19/08/2014,s.21
Calls to the Parliamentary helpline,Partly disclosed where held,12/08/2014,
Former MPs and MEPs in the House of Lords,Not held,08/08/2014,
Documentation regarding appointment of Clerk of the House,Fully exempt,08/09/2014,"s.37, s.40, s.41"
Issuing of car parking pass to a named individual,Not held,01/09/2014,
Questions asked by named Member,Fully exempt,12/08/2014,s.21
Scottish oil fields,Not held,11/08/2014,
Printed copy of HoC Annual Report,Fully exempt,11/08/2014,s.21
The right to travel,Fully exempt,19/08/2014,s.21
MPs housing,Fully exempt,18/08/2014,s.21
PICT contracts,Fully disclosed,04/09/2014,
Spending on foreign aid,Not held,13/08/2014,
UK general public Acts passed/enacted since 1973,Fully exempt,13/08/2014,s.21
Organisational charts,Partly exempt,11/09/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
Contracts of the UK workforce,Not held,14/08/2014,
Salaries of HoC employees,Fully disclosed,10/09/2014,
Written notes of specified event in the House,Not held,20/08/2014,
Correspondence held by the Speaker regarding recalls of Parliament,Partly exempt,11/09/2014,s.40
Report into the Office of Fair Trading,Not held,28/08/2014,
Selection process of various House of Commons appointments,Fully exempt,16/09/2014,s.21
E-petitions,Partly exempt,19/08/2014,s.21
Remuneration of HoC staff,Fully exempt,16/09/2014,s.21
Health spending,Not held,22/08/2014,
Home Affairs Committee correspondence,Fully exempt,04/09/2014,s.21
Named Members involvement in Committee report,Not held,27/08/2014,
Cost of repairing lift in the Palace,Fully disclosed,11/09/2014,
TVs in the House of Commons,Partly exempt,04/09/2014,s.21
Travel expense rates for Members,Not held,27/08/2014,
Health insurance of Members,Fully disclosed,10/09/2014,
Catering feedback over the last year,Partly exempt,04/09/2014,"s.21, s.40"
Culture Media and Sport Committee correspondence,Partly exempt,03/09/2014,s.21
State opening tickets allocated to the Speakers office,Fully disclosed,08/09/2014,
Information request procedures,Fully disclosed,04/09/2014,
Minutes of meeting with Ministers,Not held,01/09/2014,
Cost of pursuit of Ashya King's parents,Not held,01/09/2014,
Home Affairs Committee correspondence,Fully exempt,04/09/2014,s.21
Policies pertaining to reporters,Fully disclosed,17/09/2014,
Cost of splitting the Clerk role,Not held,09/09/2014,
Reimbursements of travel costs for interviews,Fully disclosed,10/09/2014,
Travel expenses for named Member,Not held,04/09/2014,
Costs arising from the selection & appointment of the Clerk,Partly disclosed where held,01/10/2014,
Information about the office of a named Member in 1981,Partly disclosed where held,17/09/2014,
Query about Standard Note,Fully exempt,05/09/2014,s.21
UN Inquiry over disability violations,Not held,08/09/2014,
CBI Contributions,Not held,11/09/2014,
Members expenses,Fully exempt,09/09/2014,s.21
Shared cost agreements and leases for two named MPs,Not held,17/09/2014,
Use of pest control services in the House since 2013,Partly disclosed where held,24/09/2014,
Costings for catering menus in the House of Commons,Partly disclosed where held,07/10/2014,
Number of children dying while in social care,Not held,18/09/2014,
Computer security on the House of Commons IT system,Partly exempt,14/10/2014,"s.12, s.31"
Expenses of named Member,Not held,19/09/2014,
Details of travel claim made by the Speaker,Fully disclosed,02/10/2014,
Correspondence to Members relating to a recall of Parliament,Not held,22/09/2014,
Details of travel claim made by the Speaker,Partly disclosed where held,08/10/2014,
Members expense claims,Not held,22/09/2014,
Role of the Serjeant at Arms in 1981,Partly exempt,02/10/2014,s.21
Members catering accounts,Fully exempt,13/10/2014,s.40
Purchase of champagne in 2013/14,Partly disclosed where held,24/09/2014,
Correspondence between EFRA and GWPF,Not held,07/10/2014,
Voting patterns on English Bills,Partly exempt,02/10/2014,s.21
Members of the Prime Minister's Business advisory group,Not held,24/09/2014,
Travel expenses of staff of the House of Commons,Partly exempt,02/10/2014,s.12
Parliamentary recordings,CLOSED - No clarification,25/09/2014,
Making an FOI to a Member,Not held,30/09/2014,
Transferred to BAU,CLOSED - BAU,30/09/2014,
Advice on housing,Not held,29/09/2014,
Cost to recall Parliament on specified date,Not held,06/10/2014,
Copy of the Scottish Militia Bill 1708,Fully exempt,29/09/2014,s.21
Details of a 1666 Act,Fully exempt,02/10/2014,s.21
Cost of Scottish Referendum,Not held,01/10/2014,
"Items confiscated, stolen and banned",Partly exempt,06/10/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Details of the energy saving initiative,Partly exempt,29/10/2014,"s.24, s.31"
"List of Speaker's events, meetings and gifts received",Partly exempt,13/10/2014,"s.12, s.21"
Council tax laws in England,Fully exempt,06/10/2014,s.21
Schooling of former Prime Minister,Fully exempt,06/10/2014,s.21
Number of staff or MPs who are related,Fully exempt,07/10/2014,s.21
Cost of Christmas trees and decorations,Fully exempt,10/10/2014,s.21
House of Commons vice ring,Fully exempt,28/10/2014,s.21
Chewing gum removal costs,Not held,23/10/2014,
Cost of flowers,Fully disclosed,04/11/2014,
Letter to Transport Committee about taxi pollution,Fully exempt,16/10/2014,s.21
MPs birthdays,Not held,07/10/2014,
Cost of short postage since 2012,Fully disclosed,04/11/2014,
Cost of repairs to HoC,Fully exempt,06/11/2014,s.12
MPs Gas & Electricity bills,Fully exempt,13/10/2014,s.21
GPC spending,Partly exempt,11/11/2014,"s.31, s.40"
MP's oath to the House,Fully exempt,14/10/2014,s.21
Resettlement grants paid after the 2010 election,Partly exempt,03/11/2014,s.21
Request to view closed files,CLOSED - BAU,23/10/2014,
Passes sponsored by MPs,Fully disclosed,06/11/2014,
Room bookings made in the House by the Global Warming Policy Foundation,Partly disclosed where held,05/11/2014,
Proceedings of a specified election court,Fully exempt,23/10/2014,s.21
Suspicious packages received at the House since 2013,Partly exempt,13/11/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
Compensation claims paid by the House since 2010,Fully disclosed,10/11/2014,
Explanation of Governed by consent,Not held,21/10/2014,
Freemasonry in the House of Commons,Not held,23/10/2014,
Nursery Annual report,Partly exempt,04/11/2014,s.21
MPs staff with second jobs,Partly exempt,21/10/2014,s.21
Process for Public Petitions,Fully exempt,22/10/2014,s.21
Installation of new tv's in the House over the last two years,Partly exempt,03/11/2014,s.21
Universal declaration of Human rights,Not held,22/10/2014,
Committee visit to PHSO,Partly exempt,19/11/2014,"s.38, s.40"
Break-ins in the House over the last 25 years,Partly disclosed where held,18/11/2014,
Spending in parliamentary bars on specified dates,Fully disclosed,03/11/2014,
Weapons carried by the Serjeant at Arms,Partly exempt,23/10/2014,s.21
MPs portraits commissioned since the Coalition,Fully disclosed,19/11/2014,
Royalties from filming in the House,Fully exempt,20/11/2014,s.43
Charge points for mobile devices in the Chamber,Fully disclosed,06/11/2014,
Claiming of benefits,Not held,28/10/2014,
House attendance of named Member,Partly disclosed where held,28/10/2014,
Expense claims of named Member,Partly disclosed where held,13/11/2014,
Guidelines on giving evidence to Committees,Not held,13/11/2014,
Request to view closed files,Fully disclosed,04/11/2014,
Fire extinguishers in the clock tower,Fully disclosed,07/11/2014,
Electronic correspondence of named Member,Partly exempt,24/11/2014,"s.21, s.34, s.40"
Passes issued for entry to the nursery,Fully exempt,13/11/2014,"s.38, s.40"
Costs of trips arranged by the nursery,Fully disclosed,19/11/2014,
Proceedings of a specified Committees conference,Not held,14/11/2014,
Select Committee practice notes,Partly exempt,13/11/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
Granting permanent residency in the UK,Not held,04/11/2014,
Copy of the Jenkins security report,Fully exempt,02/12/2014,s.36
Serving of Kosher food in the House,Partly disclosed where held,25/11/2014,
Flowers bought for events,Fully disclosed,20/11/2014,
Current use of the gunpowder plot space,Not held,10/11/2014,
National debt,Not held,13/11/2014,
House of Commons Members' Fund,Partly exempt,19/11/2014,s.21
Information given to the Home Affairs Committee from a named individual,CLOSED - BAU,07/11/2014,
Expenditure on ceremonial garments,Fully disclosed,27/11/2014,
Books held by the Parliament and Constitution centre,Partly exempt,25/11/2014,s.21
Copy of Gateway Report for recognition & reward,Partly exempt,04/12/2014,s.40
Spending on greenery since 2011,Fully disclosed,05/12/2014,
Copy of ARDP and amendments,Partly exempt,18/11/2014,s.21
Compliance to regulation of fire extinguishers located in the House of Commons,Partly exempt,28/11/2014,s.12
Cost of projections onto the House of Commons since 2012,Fully disclosed,04/12/2014,
Rates appeals since 2010,Fully disclosed,04/12/2014,
Request to view closed files,Fully disclosed,19/11/2014,
Family members employed by MPs,Partly disclosed where held,11/11/2014,
Cost to the public of private healthcare,Not held,11/11/2014,
Catering complaints since 2013,Fully exempt,18/11/2014,"s.21, s.22"
MPs accepting formal cautions from the Police,Not held,13/11/2014,
Catering menus and prices,Partly exempt,24/11/2014,s.21
Evidence sumbitted to the Scrutiny Unit,Partly exempt,24/11/2014,s.21
MPs who are members of GLEAM,Partly disclosed where held,13/11/2014,
Travel expenses for the Speaker since 2013,Fully exempt,14/11/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Letters to the Speaker regarding conduct in the Chamber in the last 6 months,Partly exempt,24/11/2014,s.40
Property reported lost over the last year,Partly exempt,09/12/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Tree maintenance since 2010,Fully disclosed,05/12/2014,
Thefts on the Parliamentary estate since 2010,Fully exempt,15/12/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Complaints regarding parliamentary catering establishments in 2014,Fully exempt,20/11/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Council leasing of council housing in Southwark,Not held,18/11/2014,
Rules regulating professional conduct of MPs partners,Fully exempt,26/11/2014,s.21
Explanation of the Road Traffic Act,Not held,18/11/2014,
Request to view closed scrutiny committee files,Partly exempt,24/11/2014,"s.21, s.34"
Structure of select committees,Partly exempt,21/11/2014,s.21
History of Parliament being handed sovereignty,Partly disclosed where held,18/11/2014,
Historical documents on slavery,Partly disclosed where held,18/11/2014,
The American Slave Trade,Not held,19/11/2014,
Financial details of various Members,Not held,28/11/2014,
Cost of a named Members' PQs over the last 3 years,Not held,19/11/2014,
Copy of the Pink Book,Partly exempt,11/12/2014,"s.31, s.38, s.40"
Video footage of named Member in the Chamber,Fully exempt,21/11/2014,s.21
Cost of maintenance for the HoC chamber benches in 2013,Fully disclosed,05/12/2014,
Advice to the Speaker on banning e-cigarettes in the House,Fully exempt,27/11/2014,s.34
Questions on the law,Fully exempt,26/11/2014,s.21
Organisational chart of specified team in the House of Commons,Partly exempt,19/12/2014,s.40
Major maintenance works on the Palace of Westminster,Partly exempt,21/01/2015,"s.21, s.22, s.31, s.40, s.43"
Details of a House tender,Fully disclosed,05/12/2014,
Details of the Speakers dealing with specified groups/individuals,Not held,28/11/2014,
Who is responsible for dealing with claims of misconduct in the House,Fully exempt,28/11/2014,s.21
Removal of belts at security points,Fully disclosed,10/12/2014,
Hiring of function rooms by members of the public,Partly exempt,23/12/2014,"s.22, s.40, "
Renewal of specified contract,CLOSED - Request withdrawn,02/12/2014,
Medical services in the House,Fully disclosed,10/12/2014,
Location of Division bells,Fully disclosed,04/12/2014,
Subsidised food for MPs,Fully exempt,03/12/2014,s.21
Correspondence with named Member,Not held,28/11/2014,
Funding of Parliament,Fully exempt,05/12/2014,s.21
MPs attendance in Parliamentary debates,Not held,02/12/2014,
Definition of a statutory law ,Not held,02/12/2014,
Declaring of funding for overseas visits by MPs,Partly disclosed where held,02/12/2014,
Copy of the Register of Members financial interests in a reusable format,Fully disclosed,19/12/2014,
The sexual orientation of MPs,Fully exempt,10/12/2014,s.21
Attendance of MPs at specified debates,Not held,04/12/2014,
Report of a public meeting by the Welsh Affairs Committee,Fully exempt,11/12/2014,s.34
Source of reference used in a specified POST publication,Fully disclosed,05/12/2014,
Review of closed files,Partly exempt,17/12/2014,"s.31, s.38"
Notification to Mr Speaker of arrests of MPs,Fully disclosed,06/01/2015,
Complaints by MPs about HoC staff,Fully exempt,06/01/2015,s.40
Spending in House of Commons bars on specified dates,Partly disclosed where held,05/01/2015,
Spending on champagne in House of Commons bars on specified dates,Partly disclosed where held,05/01/2015,
Office space on the Parliamentary estate,Partly disclosed where held,06/01/2015,
Christmas menus in Parliament catering outlets,Fully exempt,15/12/2014,s.21
Cost of pest control on the Parliamentary estate over the last two years,Fully exempt,11/12/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Repaid expenses by named MP ,Fully exempt,07/01/2015,s.21
Expenses for named MP since 2013,Not held,08/12/2014,
999 calls made from the Commons estate in the last year,Fully disclosed,08/01/2015,
Costs of investigations into filming in Committees,Not held,16/12/2014,
Insurance policies of MPs in the 1980s,Not held,07/01/2015,
Pay policy for House staff,Fully disclosed,06/01/2015,
Royal assent,Not held,11/12/2014,
Minutes of various APPGs since 2012,Not held,11/12/2014,
Lost property in the Palace of Westminster in 2014,Partly exempt,18/12/2014,"s.21, s.22"
Security passes of former MPs,Fully disclosed,06/01/2015,
Summons issued by Parliament/select committees since 2000,Fully exempt,14/01/2015,s.21
Searches performed on the Parliamentary network for specified words,Fully disclosed,12/01/2015,
Overdue Library books over last 5 years,Partly exempt,14/01/2015,s.40
Refit of Westminster gym,Fully disclosed,15/01/2015,
Removal of belts at security points,Fully disclosed,19/12/2014,
Cost of bars & restaurants since 2010,Partly exempt,18/12/2014,s.21
Documents relating to the Treasury Committee and named company,Partly exempt,14/01/2015,"s.21, s.34, s.40"
Journalists currently accredited to the Parliamentary press gallery,Fully disclosed,12/01/2015,
Books borrowed from Library over last month,Partly disclosed where held,15/01/2015,
Spending on toiletries over last 3 years,Partly disclosed where held,19/01/2015,
Voting history of named MP,Partly exempt,19/12/2014,s.21
Conduct of named MP,Partly disclosed where held,19/12/2014,
Catering menus,Fully exempt,19/12/2014,s.21
Confiscated items from checkpoints in last 3 years,Fully exempt,08/01/2015,"s.21, s.22"
Judgment to the e-borders arbitration dispute between UKBA and Raytheon,Not held,06/01/2015,
List of the MP's who were jailed for stealing from the taxpayer in the last 10 years,Not held,06/01/2015,
Job descriptions of the media team,Partly disclosed where held,23/01/2015,
Result of police action outside Parliament,Not held,11/12/2013,
Members standard pay since 1993,Fully exempt,12/12/2013,s.21
Details of named Members staff,Fully exempt,19/12/2013,s.40
Complaints received regarding food and drink served in the House,Partly exempt,13/01/2014,s.40
Serving MPs with criminal convictions,Not held,16/12/2013,
MPs budget for interns,Not held,13/12/2013,
Style guide for Hansard reporters,Fully disclosed,18/12/2013,
Cost to the Scottish Affairs select committee on inquiry into the referendum on security for Scotland,Partly disclosed where held,19/12/2013,
Spending on plants in Parliament since 2010,Fully disclosed,16/01/2014,
Cost of fencing around Parliament over last 5 years,Fully disclosed,14/01/2014,
Members sponsoring tours of the House,Partly disclosed where held,19/12/2013,
Financial details of the Catering facilities in 2012/2013,Fully exempt,07/01/2014,s.21
Members financial interests and claims in 2013,Partly disclosed where held,18/12/2013,
Catering of receptions held in the House between 2010-2012,Fully disclosed,07/01/2014,
Correspondence to named MP in role as chair to a Committee,Not held,14/01/2014,
Types of requests refused using Section 34 of the FOI Act,Partly exempt,17/01/2014,s.40
Guide to procedure for Hansard writers,Not held,20/12/2013,
Cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,Not held,20/12/2013,
Feedback to catering facilities in the House of Commons over the last 12 months,Partly exempt,22/01/2014,s.40
Cost of House of Commons Christmas parties in 2012 and 2013,Fully disclosed,17/01/2014,
Expenses claimed by named MP,Not held,23/12/2013,
MPs with criminal convictions,Not held,23/12/2013,
Cost of Members attending Outreach events,Not held,17/01/2014,
Details of the American Presidents' Social security number,Not held,31/12/2013,
Number of questions submitted to various Committees since 2000,Fully exempt,9/1//2014,s.21