This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'School Supply Spend'.

Please can you confirm the total spend on third party 
agencies for the provision of educational supply staff by 
your local authority. 
I would like to know the amounts paid by each Primary, 
Secondary and FE Institution in the local authority, in 
The Council does not hold this 
relation to temporary staffing cover (Teachers, Cover 
information. Schools recruit directly 
Supervisors, Unqualified Teachers, Teaching Assistants, 
from the relevant agencies. 
Nursery Nurses etc). 
You will need to contact schools 
The time frames I require are from 1st September 2019 
until present if at all possible. 
Please could you supply this information (in excel) for 
each school including school name, type of school, 
amount spent, and the company this money was paid to.