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Ambulance Headquarters 
Bernicia House 
The Waterfront 
Liz Brennan 
Goldcrest Way 
Newburn Riverside 
Newcastle upon Tyne 
NE15 8NY 
26 March 2019 
Tel:  0191 430 2000 
Our Ref:  FOI.19.068  
Dear Ms Brennan 
Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Information Request 
Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act which was received 
on 11 March 2019.  I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested.  You asked the 
following questions, reproduced in bold below: 
Is your Trust using an electronic solution for NEWS2 or is it paper-based? 
If electronic, what solution(s) are you using? 
Cleric ePCR 
Who is responsible for the rollout of NEWS2 within your Trust (name & job title)? 
Daniel Haworth, Consultant Paramedic (Clinical Development) 
If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  the  information  we  have  provided,  you  can  request  an  internal  review 
which  will  be  carried  out  by  Mr  Paul  Aitken-Fell,  who  is  the  Trust’s  Consultant  Paramedic  and  is 
someone not involved with your original request.   
If you wish to follow this route, please contact who will commence the 
process on your behalf. 
If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the review, you can ultimately complain to: 
The Information Commissioner’s Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
SK9 5AF 
Chairman: Peter Strachan   Chief Executive: Yvonne Ormston 
The North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is registered, and therefore 
licensed to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission (Provider ID: RX601). 

Yours sincerely 
Mark Cotton 
Freedom of Information Lead 
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