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Derby City Primary Care Trust 
Derwent Court 
1 Stuart Street 
DE1 2FZ 
Tel: 01332 224000 extn 6288 
Fax: 01332 299598 
MC/AS/FOI Log 367 
22nd January 2009  
Mr Imran Zar 
Dear Mr Zar 
Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act received on  
7th January 2009 and I can now formally respond on behalf of NHS Derby City.  
o  In your request you asked for a complete list of contractors and consultants that the 
trust uses on new builds and refurbishments. 
Our response is: 
  For all new build work and larger refurbishments arrangements are in place with 
Derbyshire LIFTCo with whom NHS Derby City has a partnership agreement.  
LIFTCo source contractors on behalf of NHS Derby City using strict criteria to 
ensure quality and best value. 
Smaller schemes and maintenance of buildings that are not LIFTCo managed 
would fall under the remit of a Service Level Agreement that NHS Derby City has 
in place with the Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust for the provision of 
Estates Services.  As with LIFTCo, DMHT Estates would source contractors on 
our behalf following strict criteria to ensure quality and best value. 
Due to the above processes NHS Derby City does not hold lists of contractors. 
I hope that the information meets your requirements.  Should you have any further 
enquiries or queries about this response please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Yours sincerely 
Mark Clutton 
Head of Risk Management and Information Governance 
Chairman: John Beswarick 
                                                                         Chief Executive: Prem Singh