Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'Expenditure or Payment to Supplier'.

Supplier Name,Analysed Gross,
21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout,"1,100.00",
3dmadeeasy Ltd,90.00,
4imprint Direct Ltd,839.94,
9th Aberdeen Scout Troop,"1,440.00",
Abacus Agents Limited,895.70,
Abbeyfield Lodge Ltd,"17,474.89",
Abbeyside Care Group,"1,012.00",
Abbeyside Nursing Home,939.70,
A B Cromdale Ltd,990.10,
Abellio Scotrail Ltd,"19,746.10",
Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Tourism Company Ltd,"312,000.00",
Aberdeen Blind Company Limited,"1,131.60",
Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau,"41,103.00",
Aberdeen Cleaning Services Ltd,180.00,
Aberdeen Council Of Voluntary Organisations,"40,339.75",
Aberdeen Cyrenians Ltd,"38,641.37",
Aberdeen Day Project- The Bread Maker,"3,718.35",
Aberdeen Diamond Drilling,"2,148.00",
Aberdeen Epos Systems,561.20,
Aberdeen Fc Community Trust,"19,615.00",
Aberdeen First Aid School Ltd,"1,464.00",
Aberdeen Foyer,"52,627.74",
Aberdeen Funeral Directors,306.36,
Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber Of Commerce,"1,968.00",
Aberdeen Heat & Power,"442,182.18",
Aberdeen Illness And Disability Advice Servic,"8,232.25",
Aberdeen Inspired,"452,889.39",
Aberdeen Journals Ltd,"30,268.19",
Aberdeen Lads Club,"61,978.50",
Aberdeen Lads Club Community Project,"1,000.00",
Aberdeen Performing Arts,"2,511.00",
Aberdeen Roads Ltd,"108,941.03",
Aberdeenshire Council,"34,617.09",
Aberdeen Sports Village Ltd,"297,572.15",
Aberdeen Technical Services Ltd,"7,114.00",
Aberdeen Training Services,175.00,
Aberdeen Trophy Centre Ltd,"3,011.61",
Aberdeen Urban Studies Trust,30.00,
Aberdein Considine And Co,741.00,
Aberlea House,"21,155.55",
Aberlour Child Care Trust,"188,750.98",
Aberlour Futures Aberdeen,"44,863.50",
Aberness Care Limited,"33,171.22",
Able Care Limited,"1,826.40",
Abscaff Ltd,"86,374.35",
Abserv Doors Limited,"5,321.74",
Absolute Recruitment (Uk) Ltd T/A Able Care@,"8,794.28",
Absolute Solar And Wind Ltd,"38,325.82",
A Burt (Cleaning Services),68.00,
Access Alba,575.00,
Access Uk Ltd,"1,158.82",
Accountant In Bankruptcy,150.00,
Acc-Rosewell House Personal Allowance Fund,216.00,
A C Entertainment Technologies Limited,57.00,
Acer Publications,137.00,
Acl Hire Limited,"47,907.00",
Actavo Uk,"1,573.90",
Action For Children,"13,555.88",
Adl Lift Services Ltd,"14,294.88",
Advanced Business Solutions,"2,479.10",
Advanced Travel Partners Uk Ltd,"6,861.60",
Advocacy Service Aberdeen,"63,134.91",
Aebi Schmidt (Uk) Ltd,"6,212.28",
Aecom Limited,"16,310.44",
Aero Healthcare Ltd,"5,869.99",
African Womens Group Scotland (Scio),500.00,
Ag Retail Cards Ltd,492.00,
Air Products Plc,263.39,
Airyhall Community Centre,"2,765.00",
A J Donald Slaters,"3,333.60",
Ajs (Contract Cars) Ltd,"28,232.01",
Akw Medi-Care Limited,"27,055.60",
Alarm Maintenance Company,333.00,
Alastrean Care Ltd,"4,750.92",
Alcohol And Drugs Action,"240,452.01",
Alf Aquatic Distributors Ltd,901.64,
A-Line Audio Visual (Scotland) Ltd,"14,669.76",
Allan Cain Outdoors,96.00,
Allandale House,"35,918.32",
Allan Haddow Ltd,"5,286.00",
Allan Robertson Consulting Limited,"4,200.00",
Allied Healthcare Ltd,"2,154.60",
Allstar Fitness,"1,085.78",
Alpha Fencing Ltd,"4,829.50",
Als Environmental Limited,"1,582.80",
Alzheimers Scotland,561.33,
A M Phillip Agritech Ltd,"22,769.50",
Am Phillip Trucktech Ltd,"6,731.35",
A&M Smith Skip Hire Ltd,"2,811.86",
Ana Recruitment Professionals,502.04,
Andersonbain Llp,"142,980.00",
Anderson Bain Llp,30.00,
Anderson Scientific Ltd,9.58,
Anderson Specialist Contracting Ltd,"45,042.87",
Andersons Residential Home,"3,551.76",
Andrew Shepherd Construction Ltd,"361,424.21",
Andrews Sykes Hire Ltd,993.60,
Angel Springs Ltd T/A Waterlogic Uk,15.16,
Anglian Water Business (National) Ltd,895.54,
Angus Biofuels,"4,597.16",
Angusfield House Nursing Home,"108,289.57",
Annesley House Nursing Home,"6,819.92",
Ann Inspired Care Ltd,"82,121.70",
Ansco Signs Ltd,554.17,
Aon Limited Tenants Insurance Services,"10,021.61",
Apetito Ltd,437.58,
Apex Speciality Solutions Ltd,"1,118.76",
Apple Distribution International,413.71,
Apps Central Ltd,600.00,
Aqua Power Services Ltd,"1,512.00",
Aquarius Solutions,"1,851.12",
Archer Marketing,"1,227.60",
Arco Limited,"17,150.81",
Argos Business Solution Ltd,353.16,
Aristo-Kat Discos,360.00,
Arjo Uk Ltd,529.43,
Arkay Imaging Ltd,"8,976.00",
Ark Housing Association Ltd,"10,917.66",
Ark Services Ltd,"6,401.22",
Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd (Ford),506.97,
Arnold Clark Finance Limited,"18,723.95",
Arqiva Ltd,54.54,
Asa International Ltd,"221,572.05",
Asbestos Specialists (Uk) Ltd,"9,180.00",
Asdan Ltd,"1,005.30",
Ashdown Supplies,453.91,
Ashgrove Trading,"1,314.00",
Ashley House Residential Home,"19,517.36",
Asw Aberdeen Ltd,"39,264.00",
Atkins Limited,"19,621.30",
Atlantis Medicare (Bridgeness) Ltd,"2,156.56",
Atlas Lifts & Services Ltd,264.00,
Atmosphere Lighting And Sound,"1,866.85",
A To B Removals,350.00,
Audit Scotland,"161,607.00",
Autofix Services,393.60,
Autospray (Aberdeen) Ltd,"2,421.03",
Aviemore Homes Ltd,"122,564.19",
Avm Impact Ltd,"1,102.80",
Av Partsmaster Ltd,422.48,
Awt Water & Environmental Services,"6,174.00",
Axiell Alm Ltd,"4,255.78",
Axminster Power Tool Centre Ltd,52.00,
Bachlaw Ltd,"59,400.00",
Badaguish Outdoor Centre,"4,745.00",
Badenscoth House,"1,012.00",
Badges Plus Ltd,121.50,
Bains Coaches,"19,856.19",
Baker Ross Ltd,230.77,
Balgownie Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Balgownie Ltd,437.34,
Balhousie Care Group,"7,982.83",
Balhousie Care Ltd,"9,603.40",
Balhousie Care Ltd T/A,"2,727.88",
Ball Colgrave Limited,583.16,
Ballikinrain School,"23,932.00",
Balnagask Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Balnagask Community Centre Playscheme,"1,000.00",
Bancon Construction Ltd,"557,573.00",
Banff Care Home,"1,708.00",
Banner Group Ltd,52.02,
Barber Of Sheffield Limited,404.40,
Barchester Healthcare,"4,433.57",
Barchester South Grange Care Home,"9,763.80",
Barclaycard Commercial,"51,850.90",
Barclay & Mathieson Ltd,592.39,
Barclay Telecom,"1,774.00",
Barnardos Scotland,"378,402.52",
Barrington Stoke,725.00,
Bartec Auto Id Limited,176.04,
Barwell Enterprises,"37,054.65",
Basp Uk Ltd,640.00,
Batleys Limited,"5,187.26",
Bauer Media,"1,677.60",
Beaconsfield Footwear T/A Hotter Shoes,"32,845.26",
Beannachar Ltd,"125,896.60",
Beaumont Beverage Co,137.17,
Beech House Nursery,"8,417.22",
Belgrave Lodge Nursing Home,996.00,
Bellfield Eventide Home,"2,672.70",
Bell Ingram Ltd,995.19,
Belmont Filmhouse Limited,"25,500.00",
Ben Reid & Co Ltd,194.30,
Bertram Library Services,"17,395.95",
Bertrams Books,"1,574.02",
Better Equipped Educational Supplies Ltd,167.57,
Beverages Direct Limited,255.82,
Bin Cleaned (Aberdeen) Ltd,"12,046.80",
Biobags Scotland Ltd,"13,977.10",
Bishop Sports & Leisure Ltd,125.94,
Blackwell Uk Limited,60.19,
Blackwood Homes And Care,"31,138.90",
Blackwood Homes And Care-Raeden Court,"169,264.16",
Blades Biological,45.84,
Bluesky Business Space Ltd,"6,672.69",
Boc Ltd,"10,640.99",
Bon Accord Bowling Association,555.00,
Bon Accord Support Services Ltd,"31,687.00",
Bookpoint Limited,11.99,
Book Source,395.70,
B & Q Plc,212.72,
Brake Bros. Ltd,"164,794.16",
Brammer Uk Limited,111.74,
Brandon Hire Plc,"1,167.62",
Brechin Tindal & Oatts Solicitors Llp,"3,514.00",
Breedon Aggregates Scotland Kimited,"38,735.33",
Bridging The Gap With Kinship,"1,360.00",
Bright Horizons Family Solutions,"2,266.00",
Brightsolid Online Technology Limited,"74,560.92",
Brightwork Ltd,"14,307.25",
British Gas Business,835.26,
British Red Cross Society,"1,342.44",
Brockhampton Court Nursing Home Ltd,"7,950.00",
Brodies Llp (Borganised),"76,976.73",
Broomhill Nursery At Fonthill,"16,242.60",
Broomhill Park Res Home,"45,753.05",
Brosch Direct,26.39,
Browns Books For Students,"8,234.52",
B & S Chains (Midlands) Ltd,378.00,
Bt Onebill,"5,574.58",
Buchan Dial-A-Community Bus,"28,416.11",
Buchan Dial-A-Community Bus/Dab Plus Cic,"2,000.25",
Buck & Hickman Limited,"1,860.17",
Bupa Care Homes,732.86,
Bureau Plus Ltd,"4,258.64",
Burness Paull Llp,"3,743.12",
Burns Construction (Aberdeen) Ltd,"177,650.02",
Burton Safes Ltd,166.80,
Cabro Aviation Ltd,43.98,
Cairncry Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Cairngorm Canoeing & Sailing School Ltd,"17,190.56",
Cairngorm Outdoors Ltd,"68,388.00",
Caledonia Homecare Ltd,"17,017.52",
Caledonian Care Systems Ltd,285.00,
Calm Training Services Ltd,"2,314.20",
Calor Gas Limited,845.03,
Cameron Chisholm Dawson Partnership (Ccdp),"21,758.80",
Cameron Food Safety Ltd,150.00,
Cameron & Ross Limited,720.00,
Campbell Consulting,150.00,
Camphill School Aberdeen,"24,087.00",
Canon (Uk) Ltd,547.63,
Capita Business Services Ltd,"134,143.76",
Carel Press,97.20,
Care Monitoring 2000 Ltd,"15,219.90",
Care Visions Fostering Ltd,"11,767.12",
Care Visions Group Ltd,"17,121.43",
Carlyle Bus & Coach Ltd,22.25,
Carn Software Ltd,108.00,
Cas Duncan,"5,698.34",
Castlehill Housing Association,"13,546.17",
Castle Lodge Nursing Home,"6,529.84",
Castle Water Ltd,"2,141.80",
Catherine Street Community Centre,771.40,
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company,438.00,
Ccs Media,49.31,
Cem Centre,411.00,
Central Coaches (Aberdeen) Ltd,297.80,
Central Taxis (Abdn) Ltd,"112,742.84",
Ceramika Arts Ltd,"1,500.00",
Certex Uk,179.02,
Certsure Llp,546.00,
Cfine Enterprise Ltd,"13,772.50",
Ch2m Hill United Kingdom,"36,408.35",
Chalmers Bakery,"1,973.86",
Champion Development,845.70,
Chap Group Ltd,"763,676.04",
Charles J Marshall (Aberdeen) Ltd,888.99,
Chartered Institute Housing,380.00,
Children 1st,864.00,
Children In Scotland,218.00,
Childrens Hospice Association Scotland,"28,212.00",
Christian Copyright Licensing Internation Ltd,498.00,
Chubb Fire & Security Ltd,"19,295.84",
Church Of Scotland B O S R,"7,396.56",
C In C Retail Ltd,45.00,
Cipfa Business Ltd,"13,134.00",
City Blinds,817.00,
City Electrical Factors Ltd,487.80,
City & General Window Cleaning Company,588.00,
City Home Helpers,202.70,
City Plumbing Supplies Ltd,905.22,
Civica Uk Ltd,"75,715.20",
Clark Commercials Abdn Ltd,906.02,
Class Tours Limited Trading As Voyager,"1,400.00",
Clear Business,"1,838.77",
Clear Channel Uk Limited,931.22,
Clear Channel Uk Ltd,"3,354.34",
Cleveland Cable Company Ltd,"4,502.40",
Clicc Ltd,"1,240.91",
Clicknetherfield Limited,872.80,
Closomat Ltd,138.00,
Clyde And Co Solicitors,162.16,
Clyde & Co (Scotland) Llp,"1,671.49",
Clyde Paper And Print,"1,128.19",
C & M Kitchen Engineering,200.52,
Cobalt Telephone Technologies Limited,"1,710.00",
Colas Limited,"3,787.20",
Coleman Aberdeen Ltd,525.47,
Colin Lawson Transport Ltd,"4,782.21",
Colin Smith Contractor Ltd,"90,935.21",
Community Food Initiatives North East,"30,265.25",
Commutaports Limited,469.69,
Compass Print Group Ltd,"1,322.04",
Computacenter (Uk) Ltd,"81,521.56",
Computer Cab (Aberdeen) Ltd,868.93,
Connevans Limited,"1,224.00",
Construction Photo Documentation Scotland Ltd,"1,392.24",
Contract Scotland Limited,"7,939.44",
Cooperative Learning Consultants Limited,"4,393.44",
Corbenic Camphill Community,"32,245.76",
Cordiners Timber Centre,385.68,
Core Assets Scotland Ltd,"114,232.56",
Core Computer Consultants Uk Ltd,"27,540.00",
Cornerstone Community Care,"477,055.25",
Co Star Uk Limited,"10,137.56",
Cotswold Outdoor Ltd,862.20,
Cove Bay Nurseries,"53,606.59",
Cove Rangers Football Club,"202,430.72",
Co-Wheels Cic,"1,914.14",
C P Davidson & Sons Ltd,"4,692.00",
Craigard House,696.00,
Craigmarloch Nurseries Ltd,"1,702.52",
Create Aberdeen,"6,183.75",
Creative Star Learning Company,800.00,
Crest Glazing Ltd,"5,962.74",
Cromwell Group (Holdings) Ltd,99.72,
Crosby House Residential Home,"45,298.71",
Crossroads Caring (Kincardine & Deeside),34.00,
Crown Paints Limited,"8,724.45",
Culsh House Nursing Home,"2,024.00",
Cummings Park Community Flat,"5,027.50",
Curl Aberdeen,535.00,
Curo Salus Ltd,"160,000.00",
Customcard Ltd,311.40,
Cycle Highlands,867.08,
Dandara Ltd,"7,621.80",
Dandy Booksellers Ltd,12.24,
Danestone Community Centre,"2,802.50",
Danline International Limited,"1,988.88",
Danshell Healthcare Limited,"45,408.00",
Dantech Limited,301.50,
Data Interchange Plc,"13,440.00",
Davenport Lift Control,508.04,
David Hope Limited,"9,434.39",
David Williams-Ellis Sculpture Ltd,"15,000.00",
Daviot Care Ltd,"3,131.94",
Daviot Care Ltd T/A Kincaid House,"1,265.00",
Dawson Catering Partnership,124.20,
Days Fleet,"1,350.36",
Decco Ltd,"39,957.36",
Dee Garage,339.50,
Deeside Care Llp,"60,161.17",
Deeside Cleaners Ltd,477.73,
Dell Computer Corporation Ltd,"3,600.00",
Dennis Eagle Ltd,"2,175.03",
Derwentside Environmental Testing Services,742.80,
Devin Consulting Limited,"11,592.00",
Diatech (Scotland),"3,795.07",
Digby Brown Llp,"13,105.18",
D I & K Groundwater,79.16,
Dingbro Motor Factors,"4,795.49",
Disclosure Scotland,"4,610.00",
Dixons Retail Plc,"1,152.48",
D M Hall,170.00,
Donside Village Community Scio,"3,625.00",
Don Valley Ltd,858.00,
Donview Nursery,"5,075.40",
Donview Veterinary Centre,48.22,
Doonies Farm Limited,146.00,
Douglas Logie & Son,"13,843.20",
Driver Hire Aberdeen,"47,127.03",
Dr Melanie Jones T/A Roslyn Associates,280.00,
Dsg Retail Limited,22.50,
Dtp Ltd,8.00,
Dulux Decorator Centres,241.17,
Duncans Bakery,125.80,
Dundee City Council,450.00,
Dundee Industrial Heritage Ltd,40.00,
Dwf Llp,"39,007.02",
Dx Network Services Limited,"1,272.01",
Dyce Developments & Amenities Committee,"2,765.00",
Dyce Electrical Ltd,"12,783.69",
Dyslexia Action Shop Limited,303.90,
Easter Anguston Farm,"16,355.08",
Easylearn Ltd,89.52,
Ecosse Sports Ltd,"121,075.15",
Eden Kafevend Uk Ltd,"1,438.83",
Eden Springs (Uk) Ltd,"1,632.55",
Edf Energy Ltd,"511,429.61",
Edgy Productions,70.95,
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Operative Ltd,"3,629.34",
Edmundson Electrical Limited,497.57,
Educational Planning Books Ltd,901.56,
Eduzone Ltd,318.54,
Eggplant Live Limited,"1,422.00",
Eis Waste Services Ltd,"45,138.31",
Elder Homes Ltd,"1,012.00",
Electric Center,94.54,
Elliot Nichol Executry T/A Ashley Court,"1,511.36",
Elliott Group Ltd,644.02,
Embrace Care Ltd,"36,193.73",
Enable Scotland,"49,030.17",
Engie Regeneration Ltd,"213,622.41",
E.On Energy Installation Services Ltd,"106,128.46",
Eric Hunter Ltd,119.63,
Erskine Hospital,"1,012.00",
Esmond Hellerman Ltd,43.14,
Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd,"1,579.80",
Eureka Direct,3.72,
Eurocell Building Plastics Ltd Aberdeen,303.42,
Eurofins Acton Limited,204.00,
Ezsums Training,"2,700.00",
Fabrikat (Nottingham) Ltd,"3,000.75",
Facultatieve Technologies Ltd,"7,000.36",
Fairburn House Ltd,"2,644.28",
Fairview Executive,"26,642.64",
Fairview House Care Home,"152,377.79",
Fairways (G M) Ltd,"13,715.23",
Falcon Coach Hire Ltd,"86,512.33",
Faun Zoeller (Uk) Ltd,"6,701.02",
Fccs Group,293.53,
Fedex Uk Ltd,32.84,
Ferrier Pumps Limited,"1,132.80",
Ferryhill Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Fersands And Fountain Community Project,"35,608.25",
Fersands Family Centre,"36,838.74",
Fg Burnett,431.37,
Field Engineering Services Ltd,"2,572.11",
Fife Council,15.46,
Fife Creamery,308.38,
Filpumps Ltd,729.20,
Findel Education Ltd,"20,198.36",
First Aberdeen,"22,607.84",
First Aberdeen Ltd,"11,712.90",
Firstcall Photographic Ltd,104.95,
First Group Enterprises Ltd,"1,938.73",
First Scottish Searching Services Limited,436.20,
First Testing,594.00,
Fischy Limited,649.00,
Fisher Scientific Uk Ltd,921.37,
Fisher Services Ltd,"1,322.90",
Flc Property Services,"4,599.71",
Flower Vogue,36.00,
Fly Cup Catering Ltd,854.80,
Flying Colours Flagmakers,59.94,
Food Options Uk Ltd,233.88,
Foodstore Ltd T/A King Foods,"3,815.55",
Footprint Solutions Ltd,"2,417.18",
Fordmill Care Home,"5,911.92",
Forebank Ltd,"8,027.16",
Forgar Galvanisers Ltd,284.40,
Forth Bay Nursing Home,"7,239.75",
Forth Stone Limited,"33,386.09",
Fostering People Ltd,"32,302.74",
Fountainhall Wines Ltd,"1,171.30",
Four Seasons Healthcare,"53,615.54",
Four Seasons Health Care,"61,956.76",
Four Seasons Healthcare (Scotland) Ltd,"2,024.00",
Foxlake Dundee Ltd,805.00,
Freight Transport Association,"3,409.38",
Frenzy Creative Limited,522.19,
Friends Of The Award In Edinburgh And The,75.00,
Froghall Community Centre Association,"1,000.00",
Frozen Charlotte Productions Ltd,400.00,
Fuellink Systems Ltd,"2,208.00",
G & A Barnie Group Ltd,"15,823.01",
Gap Group Ltd,"4,141.08",
Gareth Hoskins Architects Ltd,"70,516.10",
Garry Seagraves,380.00,
Garthdee Alpine Sports,"1,050.00",
Garvald Edinburgh Ltd,719.56,
Gas Call Services Limited,"599,624.40",
Gazprom Energy,"1,908.25",
Gb Auto Electrical,884.50,
G & B England Holdings Ltd.,"4,583.60",
Gb Liners,562.54,
Gemco Service Ltd,156.00,
General & Technical Flooring Services Ltd,"40,449.04",
George Douglas Architects Limited,"9,412.40",
Georgina Allison Architect,"1,324.00",
Getronics Services Uk Limited,"13,757.88",
Get Set Bounce,305.00,
Giant Cheese Ltd,"4,158.00",
Gibb Tools,121.07,
Gilmour Sports Limited,"2,925.00",
Glasdon Uk Ltd,"5,487.90",
Glasgow City Council,640.00,
Glassfibre Flagpoles Ltd Ta Harrison External,742.80,
Gl Education Group Ltd,"4,938.13",
Glenbervie Guest House,"47,246.60",
Glencairn House,"1,198.10",
Global Solutions (Uk) Ltd,"3,918.78",
G Mcwilliam Aberdeen Ltd,"54,864.89",
Gms Contract Services Ltd,"2,160.00",
Gojumpin Ltd,"2,100.00",
Gold Star Cleaning Services,"2,264.70",
Gordon Bell Pianos Limited,72.00,
Gowrie Care Limited,540.80,
Gradko International Ltd,808.80,
Graeme Cheyne (Builders) Ltd,"31,910.08",
Graeme Cheyne Properties,"7,493.23",
Grafton Merchanting Gb Ltd,"10,132.36",
Grahams Family Dairy,"27,822.76",
Graham Wilson (Contractor) Ltd,"6,636.00",
Grampian Autistic Society,"27,025.00",
Grampian Fasteners,28.20,
Grampian Music Therapy,160.00,
Grampian Regional Equality Council,"7,241.92",
Grampian Society For The Blind,"46,658.43",
Grampian Training Services Ltd,403.20,
Grampian Transport Museum,129.00,
Grampian Window Cleaners Ltd,"2,538.00",
Granite City Events Ltd,"1,560.00",
Granite City Plumbing & Heating,238.18,
Green Cat Renewables Ltd,"1,645.00",
Greenfern Bakery Ltd,126.95,
Greenham Trading Ltd,"1,703.95",
Green Machines Sweepers Uk Ltd,206.20,
Greenpower Education Trust,196.05,
Greenwell Equipment Ltd,"5,544.00",
Gresswell Direct,125.44,
Grosvenor House Papers Ltd,"1,909.83",
G Ryder & Co Ltd,"1,012.08",
G & S Smirthwaite Ltd,172.80,
Gullivers Truck Hire Ltd,780.00,
Guthrie Court Ltd,216.00,
G Yeats & Son Builders Ltd,"24,563.40",
H1 Care At Home Scotland Ltd,"10,216.74",
H1 Complex Care Ltd,"2,101.10",
H1 Healthcare Group Ltd,"2,018.55",
H1 Healthcare Solutions Ltd,"1,241.90",
Hach Lange Ltd,381.12,
Halfords Ltd,21.60,
Halliday Fraser Munro Limited,"1,800.00",
Halliday Lighting Ltd,702.00,
Hall & Tawse Joinery Ltd,745.20,
Hamewith Lodge,646.20,
Hanover Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Hardies Property & Construction Consultants,"1,152.00",
Harper Collins Publishers Limited,79.31,
Harry Fraser Catering Services Ltd,"1,586.52",
Harvey Nash Plc,"24,600.00",
Haven Power Limited,"3,530.34",
Hawkhill House Ltd,"41,714.25",
Haydock Music Ltd,"5,364.69",
Hayfield Riding Club,90.00,
Hc1 Limited,"1,012.00",
Hc1 Ltd,"130,752.71",
Hc-One Cairnie Lodge,"2,940.04",
Hc One Limited,696.00,
Hdc (Scotland And Ni) Ltd,"1,798.40",
Healthy Minds,192.30,
Heart Educational Supplies,376.09,
Hemming Information Services,660.00,
Henderson & Dick Designs Ltd,"1,152.00",
Henry Boot Developments Ltd,"17,751,729.78",
H E Weir & Son (Clockmakers),"2,778.00",
Hichrom Ltd,378.00,
Hilti (Great Britain) Ltd,"4,561.24",
"Hilton Cabinet Co Ltd, Hilton Studio",76.46,
Hilton Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Hilton Instruments Ltd,580.80,
Hindleys Limited,125.32,
Hmrc Fss Accounts Receivable On Behalf Of,"4,200.00",
Holland House Electrical,69.37,
Holyrood Communications Ltd,120.00,
Home-Start Aberdeen,"7,753.50",
Howdens Joinery Ltd,226.31,
Hp Inc Uk Limited,"66,898.51",
Hs Walsh & Sons Ltd,33.70,
Hub North Scotland Ltd,"31,980.00",
Hub Northscotland (New Academy-Sotc) Ltd,"202,007.62",
Hugh Logan Engineering,534.00,
Hunchbuzz Limited,"3,600.00",
Hutcheon Services Ltd,"13,630.25",
Hutchison Slaters,736.00,
I Can Charity,"1,290.00",
Iceberg Print & Design,597.60,
Idealcomputing.Co.Uk Ltd,90.00,
Idexx Laboratories Ltd,"1,418.99",
Idox Software Limited,"8,250.00",
Imprint Printing Services,249.12,
Incentive P Ltd T/A Incentive Plus,451.53,
Inchgarth Community Centre,"2,981.00",
Inchmarlo Nursing Home,"8,059.86",
Inclusive Technology Ltd,712.20,
In Control Scotland,436.00,
Incremental Group Limited,"60,654.24",
Independent Television News Limited,"10,050.00",
Information Commissioner,200.00,
Initial Washroom Solutions,"3,828.87",
Inland Revenue,"23,373.72",
Insect Lore Europe,125.79,
Inspire Partnership Through Life,"390,432.92",
Inspire Signs & Graphics Ltd,"1,524.60",
Instant Neighbour,"15,362.02",
Instock Disposables Ltd,"74,625.86",
Insulated Render Systems (Scotland) Ltd,"103,737.57",
Interactive Learning Diary Ltd,"5,922.00",
Internet For Business Ltd,396.26,
Inverclyde Council,"9,000.00",
Irrv Scotland,396.00,
Is Oxford,564.00,
Iss (Aberdeen) Ltd,120.00,
Iws (Industrial & Welding Supplies) Aberdeen,30.00,
Jackson Tool & Plant Hire,"12,529.20",
James Aiken Engineering Solutions,408.00,
James Boylan Safety (Ni) T/A Jbs Group,"5,346.41",
James Leckey Design Ltd,637.20,
James M Anderson Ltd,"43,146.17",
James Rizza & Sons Ltd,406.64,
James Tyrell Centre,"12,031.71",
Janex Limited,"2,130.94",
Jasmine Ltd,744.00,
Jazz At The Blue Lamp,"2,140.00",
J Charles Fish Merchants,113.34,
J D Peace & Co (Aberdeen) Ltd,660.00,
Jenx Limited T/A Jiraffe,"3,945.60",
J & E Shepherd Surveyors,120.00,
Jewson Limited,"9,163.33",
Jim Walton Plumbing & Heating Ltd,265.20,
Jkl Clothing Ltd,69.55,
Jlm Security,"3,737.10",
J M M Marketing,798.47,
Joannes Henri Van Lierop,"1,260.00",
Jobling Purser Ltd,96.00,
John Codonas Pleasure Fairs Limited,551.12,
John Davidson (Pipes) Ltd,172.80,
John Hay Plant Hire,"7,207.20",
John Lewis Plc,"5,400.00",
Johnsons Apparelmaster,36.65,
Johnston Carmichael Llp,"1,815.75",
Johnston Sweepers Ltd,"2,979.43",
Joinery & Timber Creations (65) Ltd,"9,147.20",
Jonathan Stewart,249.00,
Joss (Aberdeen) Ltd,"1,593.62",
J Puddleducks Childcare,726.00,
J Thomson Colour Printers Ltd,810.00,
Jura Consultants Limited,"2,268.00",
J Van Vliet Aberdeen Ltd,"1,179.72",
J V Carroll,"33,859.45",
Kane International Ltd,72.00,
Karen Morrison T/A Town Apartments,"1,083.00",
Kcom Group Plc,"4,475.00",
Kee Consultancy Limited,"6,069.00",
Keegans Limited,"13,599.29",
Keltic Ltd,"6,844.35",
Kernock Park Plants,436.20,
Keycraft Ltd,145.72,
Keyline Builders Merchants,"2,833.29",
Keysoft Solutions Ltd,882.00,
Keystore Express,82.90,
Kibble Safe Centre Ltd,"24,840.00",
Kid Rapt Ltd,"7,861.80",
Killgerm Chemicals Ltd,"2,000.72",
Kincorth Community Centre,"1,000.00",
Kincorth Medical Centre,50.30,
Kingfisher Media Ltd,360.00,
Kingswells Cabs,"1,047.90",
Kingswells Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Kirk Lodge,"16,738.82",
Kittybrewster Congregational Church,992.00,
K & M (Wholesale Suppliers) Ltd,370.63,
Knc Groundworks Ltd,"18,368.40",
Knight Property Group Plc,"1,720.56",
Kompan Scotland Limited,91.20,
Kone Plc,"1,256.40",
Koppert Uk Limited,"1,875.83",
Kreative Bunting Ltd,641.40,
Laings Traditional Masonry Limited,"46,731.41",
Lakeland Limited,94.87,
Landor Links Ltd,954.00,
Lanes Group Plc,"35,626.06",
Langstane Housing Assoc Ltd,"11,143.89",
Langstane Housing Support Ltd,745.60,
Langstane Press Limited,"8,922.10",
Laptopbits Limited,405.55,
L'Arche Inverness Community,"4,641.05",
Larchwood Care Homes (North) Ltd,"37,308.30",
Laurels Lodge Nursing Home,"71,988.75",
Law Guide Ltd,324.00,
Lbs Worldwide Ltd,752.38,
Lda Design,"214,463.12",
Learning Resources,79.99,
Leiper Associated Packaging Ltd,142.75,
Leisure And Culture Dundee,198.00,
Leith Community Education Centre,50.00,
Leiths (Scotland) Ltd,"54,238.48",
Leitz Tooling Uk Ltd,527.60,
Lemon Tree Aberdeen,643.50,
Leonard Cheshire Disability,"94,129.16",
Leslies Garden Machinery,422.40,
Lethen Park Care Home,"61,153.84",
Lgc Standards Proficiency Testing,533.09,
Lgiu Scotland,"5,996.40",
Licensing Services Ltd,275.00,
Lifteknic Services Ltd,252.00,
Light And Energy Distribution Ltd,"3,480.00",
Lindstrom Ltd,"1,500.42",
Linn Moor School,"24,088.79",
Lion Safety,"2,479.91",
Live-N-Learn Ltd,"3,816.00",
Living Ambitions Ltd,"295,072.06",
Local Authority Building Standards Scotland,948.00,
Loc Hire Limited,"2,220.00",
Loch Leven Community Campus,45.00,
Lochleven Services,51.34,
Lochter Fishery Limited,864.00,
Lockfast Security,264.00,
Lockhart Catering Equipment,"5,244.02",
Lofthus Signs & Engraving Ltd,231.97,
Logotech Systems,"3,360.00",
Loirston Annexe Community Centre Association,"2,765.00",
Loomis Uk Limited,"11,796.36",
Lord Hay'S Court Gardners,"2,170.00",
Lorimer Fostering,"6,100.00",
Lorndale Aberdeen Limited T/A Great Western,"10,675.29",
Lovell Johns Limited,"1,208.40",
Lucid Research Ltd,689.47,
Lumsden Security,"1,349.28",
Lynn Cartledge T/A Kids In The Kitchen,204.00,
Lyreco Uk Limited,"24,642.61",
Macbeth Arms Ltd,400.00,
Mac Consulting (Scotland) Ltd,"5,040.00",
Macduff Aquarium,107.05,
Maclay Murray & Spens Solicitors,"16,518.34",
Maclin Electrical Limited,"152,670.07",
Magna Print Books,832.14,
Main'S House Ltd,"12,022.06",
Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Ltd,"2,310.00",
Manor Grange Care Home Llp,"3,197.92",
Mapac Group Ltd,450.00,
Markon Limited,"11,561.04",
Marmax Products Ltd,"1,104.00",
Marshalls Mono,"4,383.74",
Marshall Wilson Packaging Ltd,191.76,
Martin Mccoll,151.90,
Martin Mccolls,38.97,
Marwood Electrical Co Ltd,"11,880.00",
Mastrick Community Centre,85.00,
Mastrick Community Learning,"2,765.00",
Mastrick Events Committee,"1,000.00",
Maternal Mental Health Scotland,190.00,
Maudesport Ltd,193.13,
Maxam Direct Ltd,"3,095.52",
May-Isle Company Limited,"10,732.80",
Mcallister Litho Glasgow Ltd,426.00,
Mckenzie Quality Print Limited,"1,078.07",
Mclaughlin & Harvey Ltd,"5,000.00",
Meadows Care Home,"2,227.12",
Meallmore Ltd,"13,093.69",
Mealmore Ltd,"1,265.00",
Mears Care (Scotland) Ltd,"26,838.00",
Mech And Tech Ltd,240.00,
Mecure Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel,70.80,
Medals For Schools,73.68,
Medfor Products Limited,249.84,
Medichill (Uk)Limited,77.94,
Medieval Realm,500.00,
Memorial Specialists,"6,956.40",
Mental Health Aberdeen No 1,"88,949.00",
Message Mats,264.00,
Mgb Plastics Ltd,"6,462.00",
Mh Enterprises (North) Ltd,"12,372.66",
Microspec Ltd,580.08,
Middlefield Community Project,"45,705.60",
Millar & Bryce Ltd,156.60,
Millbank Residential Home,"33,189.77",
Milltown Community Ltd,"24,354.74",
Miss Joanna Nicholson T/A Sonsie Music,300.00,
Mitie Technical Facilities Management Ltd,"17,442.71",
M Kinsey T/A Aberdeen Castles,765.00,
M & M Productions,990.00,
M & M Services (Grampian) Ltd,"5,760.00",
M N Hamilton And Sons,312.00,
M N H Power Access,"13,968.00",
M N Stewart Ltd,"1,056.00",
Modus (Scotland) Ltd,"9,241.20",
Mogo Uk,22.03,
Momentum Scotland Ltd,"6,685.60",
Monarch Acoustics Ltd,43.20,
Monument Tools Ltd,466.86,
Moores Furniture Group Ltd,502.79,
Moray Office Supplies,124.64,
Morgan Sindall Construction,"206,503.96",
Morrison Construction Scotland,"167,313.46",
Morton Fraser Llp,"16,163.16",
Mott Macdonald Limited,"8,592.98",
Mud Pies,"1,840.00",
Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited,46.17,
Munro Access Services Ltd,"34,449.88",
Music 4 U,225.00,
Musicline Publications Ltd,16.00,
Mwuk Limited T/A Alexandra,665.95,
My Care Grampian,"376,439.71",
Nagels Uk Ltd,"3,168.00",
Nal Ltd,"3,733.75",
National Fostering Agency,"176,067.34",
Nationwide Access Ltd,928.78,
Nb Engineering Services,"1,307.05",
Ncc Services Limted,"1,050.00",
Neogen Europe Ltd,"2,545.20",
Neopost Limited,888.59,
Neopost Ltd,"1,600.00",
Nessy Learning Ltd,24.00,
Netfocus Solutions Ltd,900.00,
Netmart Marketing Ltd,126.00,
Nevisbridge Ltd,"10,650.88",
Newitt & Co Ltd,"1,695.71",
Newmachar Coaches,"10,517.80",
Newton Dee Camphill Community Ltd,"156,870.48",
Newton Property Management Ltd,515.08,
Nhs Grampian,"38,418.60",
Nhs National Services Scotland,548.92,
Nilfisk Ltd,"35,085.62",
Nisa Local Garthdee,29.10,
Nisbets Plc,"2,696.42",
Nixon Hire,"5,608.54",
Norco Group Ltd,"4,195.20",
Nordan Uk Ltd,"149,060.63",
Norscot Truck & Van Ltd,"13,536.71",
Norscott Vending Services Ltd,707.11,
Northcote Lodge Trust,"58,898.15",
North East Community Care,"25,898.03",
North East Community Workshop Ltd,"6,589.86",
North East Scotland College,"3,098.77",
North East Scotland Pension Fund,"988,646.18",
North East Telecommunications,"3,228.00",
Northfield Community Education Centre,"3,247.86",
Northgate Public Services (Uk) Ltd,"1,317.12",
North Offshore Ltd,"58,680.33",
North Tyneside Council,"2,058.89",
Nortruck Services Ltd,"1,840.08",
Notre Dame Centre,454.00,
Nova Payroll Management T/A,"21,790.60",
Nu-Style Products Ltd,"70,853.47",
Nyop Education (Aberdeen) Ltd,"1,434,768.07",
O2 (Uk) Limited,251.70,
Odlings Ltd T/A The Columbaria Company,96.00,
Office Of The Accountant In Bankruptcy,100.00,
Office Of The Public Guardian,522.00,
Oh Assist Limited,"25,288.14",
Olm Systems Ltd,"94,742.19",
Omniplex Group Limited,"1,308.00",
One Day Creative Ltd,438.00,
One Seed Forward,"1,018.00",
Opg Ltd,"3,086.40",
Opp Ltd,592.80,
Opus Energy Limited,120.89,
Orbis Property Protection Ltd,"99,540.46",
Origin Fitness,"2,398.54",
Origin Yoga,45.00,
Osiris Educational Woodhall Spa Ltd,"19,525.11",
Oteac Ltd,"28,877.06",
Overdon Care Home Ltd,"3,061.76",
Owl And Pussycat Centre Ltd,136.00,
Oxford University Press,954.81,
Oxygen Finance Limited,"3,917.59",
Palmaris Plant Hire Ltd,"4,777.50",
Paragon Group Uk Ltd,730.30,
Paragon Service Point (A Trading Div Of,"1,392.78",
Paramount Care (Aberdeen) Ltd,"110,552.95",
Parity Professionals,"6,308.40",
Parkhill Nurseries & Garden Centre,251.10,
Parklands Nursing Home,"9,017.60",
Parksprings T/A Countrywide Homes 3 Ltd,"1,012.00",
Partners In Care Ltd,"14,171.43",
Passell (Aberdeen) Ltd,"1,339.20",
Passenger Lift Services Ltd,"1,150.31",
Paypoint Collections Ltd,6.10,
Paypoint Network Ltd,264.23,
Paypoint Payment Services Ltd,134.11,
Paypoint Services Ltd - Prepayment,"27,376.00",
Peacock Visual Arts Ltd,"23,250.00",
Peac (Uk) Limited,162.00,
Pearson Education Ltd,454.47,
Pele'S Taxis,"4,960.61",
Penna Plc,"22,645.19",
Pentland Plants,"27,829.78",
Pepperwood Care Ltd,204.00,
Pepperwood Eastleigh Nursing Home,"116,164.61",
Perfectshine Window Cleaning,19.20,
Personal Pension Trustees - J Fraser,"70,385.75",
Perth & Kinross Council,180.00,
Peter Brett Associates Llp,"12,606.00",
Peter Cox Ltd,656.40,
P F Cusack (Tool Supplies) Ltd,402.58,
Pgl Travel,"1,753.20",
Phoenix Software Limited,97.30,
Phs Compliance Ltd,"10,779.60",
Phs Group Ltd,628.57,
Pinacl Solutions Uk Limited,"1,560.00",
Pirongs Ltd,907.52,
Pitney Bowes,"6,324.78",
Pitney Bowes Finance Plc,204.10,
Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd,"8,219.09",
Plumbase Limited,"9,653.25",
Plumbstore (Plumbing & Heating Supplies) Ltd,62.40,
Polymer Holdings Ltd,"4,107.82",
Pomprint Designs Ltd,"5,762.12",
Pooles Training Courses,375.00,
Portakabin (Scotland) Limited,"8,904.66",
Positive Press Ltd,209.30,
Potterycrafts Limited,40.28,
Powerwasher Services,288.12,
Powis Community Centre Association,"3,765.00",
Ppg Architectural Coatings Emea,347.77,
Praesmohr House,"16,959.84",
Premier Coaches,280.00,
Presto Classical,223.58,
Price & Buckland Ltd,490.00,
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp,"22,129.61",
Primary Teaching Services Ltd,611.33,
Prim-Ed Publishing,"1,346.99",
Prime Industrial & Janitorial Supplies Ltd,281.94,
Printfield Community Project,"24,416.75",
Prismo Road Markings Ltd,"1,233.08",
Procure Leask Limited,"4,320.00",
Promoting Positive Contact,"2,300.00",
Protec Av,"1,701.00",
Protec Fire Detection Plc,657.38,
Psc Mailing T/A Psc Systems,460.55,
Qa Ltd,"1,194.00",
Quality Asbestos Services Ltd,"91,360.32",
Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Limited,266.76,
Queens Cross Nursery Ltd,589.88,
Queens Cross Parish Church,316.00,
Quids In Theatre Company,540.00,
Raeburn Christie Clark And Wallace,"1,386.00",
Raeburn Group Ltd,"128,109.84",
Rainbow Cars Ltd,402.96,
Raiths Farm Properties Ltd,926.03,
Ramboll Uk Limited,"54,204.80",
Randstad Care Ltd,"6,323.75",
Rapid Electronics Ltd,343.43,
Ravenhill Ltd,"1,289.30",
R B Wilson Electrical Ltd,"126,399.69",
Reach Publishing Services Limited,300.00,
Real Life Options,"2,605.02",
Record Uk Ltd,555.00,
Redpath Tyres Ltd,"18,403.86",
Redwood Global Ltd,"1,440.00",
Reed Specialists Recruitment Ltd,804.45,
Reeley Ltd,43.20,
Regal Paints Ltd,"2,169.79",
Registers Of Scotland,512.00,
Reid Brothers (Glasgow),"1,718.10",
Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd,"1,200.00",
Rembrand Timber Ltd,100.53,
Renaissance Care Jesmond Home,"113,464.93",
Renaissance Care Ltd,"109,860.05",
Renaissance Care (No 3) Limited,"2,251.72",
Renaissance Care Torry Nursing Home,"170,249.93",
Renaissance Learning Uk Ltd,"2,409.90",
Renee Vincent,120.00,
Repro Overflow,45.60,
Revenue Scotland,"4,289.00",
Rexel Senate Limited,"1,006.62",
Rexel Uk Limited T/A Ross Electrical,75.84,
Richard Aitken (Seedsmen) Ltd,226.80,
Richard Irvin Energy Solutions,"345,354.07",
Rigby Taylor Ltd,"5,501.04",
Riley Dunn & Wilson Ltd,573.58,
Ringlink Services Ltd,"1,023.00",
River Island Clothing Company Ltd,"83,640.00",
Riverside Nursing Home,"64,432.57",
Riverside Truck Rental Ltd,"3,178.29",
R&M Distribution Scotland Ltd,40.60,
R M Welch & Son Ltd,625.00,
Rnib Enterprises Ltd,53.03,
Rob Buchan (Joiner),"2,235.31",
Robert Gordon University,"10,194.05",
Robertson Construction Eastern Ltd,210.00,
Robertson Property Ltd,"8,437.46",
Robinson Low Francis Llp,"13,013.90",
Rocom Limited,42.12,
Rood Signs Limited,224.64,
Rose Access Solutions Limited,"1,560.00",
Rosie'S Cafe & Takeaway,117.00,
Rossie Secure Accomodation Services,843.29,
Rowan Court Personal Allowance,108.00,
Rowland Brothers Trade Ltd T/A Fibrous,882.14,
Royal Blind Services For The Blind,"1,012.00",
Royal Environmental Health Inst. Of Scotland,793.00,
Royal Mail Group Ltd,"10,643.51",
Royal Zoological Society,418.00,
Roy Cowie Lbs Ltd,27.36,
Rozone Limited,365.47,
R S Components Ltd,193.03,
R S Machine Tools,143.40,
R S Mccoll,54.75,
Rsm Tax And Accounting Ltd,"1,099.80",
Rs Taxis & Mini Coaches,740.00,
Rubislaw Care Llp,"61,851.39",
Running Imp International Sports Ltd,349.86,
Russell Leisure Limited,473.02,
Ruthrieston Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Ruthrieston Residential Home,"55,365.92",
Safer Futures Ltd,792.99,
Saga Homecare (Allied Healthcare),"68,983.17",
Samaritans Of Aberdeen,"2,713.20",
Sanctuary Care Limited,"80,831.48",
Sanctuary Personnel Ltd,"27,527.74",
Sarah Dunn Coaching,900.00,
Sarah Gray Yoga,760.00,
Satrosphere Enterprises Ltd,584.50,
Savills Commercial Ltd Management Client Acco,"29,421.44",
Savills Uk Ltd,788.88,
Scarab Sweepers Limited,102.22,
Scarf Energy Services Ltd,"246,089.40",
Scarf Ltd,"77,586.00",
Scholastic Publications Ltd,"12,432.77",
Scholastic School Book Club,5.99,
School Merit Stickers,"1,230.69",
School Stickers,320.58,
Scientific & Chemical Supplies Ltd,"4,413.06",
Scotglass Ltd,987.09,
Scot Jcb Ltd,112.32,
Scotland Gas Networks Ltd,"2,469.60",
Scotplay And Sports Limited,289.20,
Scots Bearings (Aberdeen) Ltd,483.07,
Scott Brownrigg Limited,"75,600.00",
Scott & Co,"61,229.47",
Scottish Advisory Panel For Outdoor Education,240.00,
Scottish African Safari Park Ltd,266.50,
Scottish Ambulance Service,"1,323.83",
Scottish Attachment In Action,210.00,
Scottish Book Trust,270.00,
Scottish Children'S Reporter Administration,31.79,
Scottish Council For Development And Industry,"13,000.00",
Scottish Council On Deafness,50.00,
Scottish Court Services,511.00,
Scottish Ensemble,"3,000.00",
Scottish Fuels,"91,537.69",
Scottish Gas,888.76,
Scottish Huntingtons Association,"11,279.73",
Scottish Marriage Care T/A The Spark,150.00,
Scottish Outdoor Education Centres Ltd,"12,096.00",
Scottish Police Authority,"6,780.00",
Scottish Qualifications Authority,"1,593.00",
Scottish Society For Autism,"11,124.24",
Scottish Water,"65,709.42",
Scottish Water Business Stream,"6,107.93",
Screwfix Direct,"1,443.96",
Search Consultancy Ltd,"26,185.05",
Seaton Community Centre Learning Account,"2,765.00",
Seawhite Of Brighton,198.00,
Secure Systems Aberdeen Limited,"5,922.00",
Securigroup Services Ltd,"58,443.79",
Securitay Ltd,"6,731.39",
Securus Group Goldshield,204.00,
Sense Scotland,"1,770.85",
Sensory Direct Uk Limited,75.65,
Sepa (Scottish Environment Protection Agency),760.00,
Seven Resourcing Ltd,"17,615.00",
Sgn Commercial Services Ltd,"2,150,400.00",
Sharp Business Systems Furniture Div.,694.08,
Shb Hire Ltd,"2,468.40",
Sheddocksley Community Association/ Centre,"2,765.00",
Sheffield Hallam University,750.00,
Shell Uk Oil Products Ltd,"28,011.39",
Shield Residential Services,"2,996.22",
Shop-Equip Limited,821.98,
Showsec International Limited,"13,296.98",
Shred-It Limited,"6,499.24",
Siemens Plc,"112,528.21",
Signature Ltd,"13,897.73",
Sign Company Aberdeen Ltd,47.87,
Sign Designs Of (Aberdeen) Ltd,95.58,
Signs Express (Aberdeen),"1,398.60",
Sig Trading,"2,834.70",
Silverline Care Caledonia Limited,"3,021.14",
Sime Ltd,"22,320.00",
Simeon Care For The Elderly,"20,833.85",
Sims Flowers,172.22,
Skillforce Development (Scotland),"6,425.00",
Skyform Specialist Contracts Ltd,"267,461.14",
Slater Menswear,434.85,
Smg Europe Holdings Limited T/A Aecc,"2,872.69",
Snap On Diagnostics,"1,254.00",
Social History Curators Group,243.50,
Social Work Scotland,596.40,
Sodexo Limited,"1,416.44",
Sodexo Motivation Solutions Uk Ltd,"57,891.72",
Sodexo Motivation Solutions U.K. Ltd,"22,365.00",
Software Box Ltd,"35,651.42",
Solaglas Ltd,"3,726.85",
Solstice Nurseries,"11,591.57",
Sounds Light Sensory,"1,050.00",
Southern Percussion Ltd,130.35,
South Lanarkshire Council,"162,054.00",
Spacekraft Limited,151.68,
Space Solutions (Scotland) Ltd,"1,119.78",
Spaldings U K Ltd,237.60,
Spark Of Genius (Training) Ltd,"62,431.12",
Sparks Mechanical Services Ltd,"21,060.00",
Specialist Cars Renault Aberdeen,"1,107.90",
Specialist Crafts Ltd,"1,862.87",
Specialist Resource Solutions Ltd,"91,358.55",
Specialists Cars Approved Bodyshop,747.03,
Speedy Asset Services Limited,206.74,
Spie Scotsheild Ltd,"22,469.70",
Sport Aberdeen,"2,305,334.57",
Sport Alpha Uk Ltd,"1,422.52",
Sportsafe Uk Ltd,"1,131.58",
Springcare (Hatton) Ltd T/A Hatton Court Care,"1,717.36",
Sptc T/A Connect,236.00,
Srcl Limited,498.84,
Srl Traffic Systems Ltd,"7,011.85",
Srs Care Solutions,"49,049.18",
Sse Plc,"364,792.28",
Sserc Ltd,"34,135.14",
Ssl - Embroidery And Print Ltd,442.00,
St Andrews Childrens Society Ltd,"9,000.00",
St Andrews First Aid Training & Supplies Ltd,594.00,
St.Andrews Hospital,454.92,
Starshine Music,78.90,
Starsparks Ltd,"1,000.00",
Station House Media Unit,"44,647.75",
St Aubins Project,"80,892.76",
Step2progress Ltd,972.00,
Stertil Uk Ltd,"1,155.35",
Steve Boyne Auto & Indust.,"1,522.50",
Stewart Craft Centre,"32,727.45",
Stewart Milne Group Ltd Homes North Division,"2,536.70",
Stirling Council,49.21,
St Machar Credit Union Ltd,"14,250.00",
St Margaret'S Children & Family Care Society,"9,000.00",
Stone Hardy Limited,225.60,
Storm Environmental,"1,628.16",
Strachan House Nursing Home,"2,347.71",
Straight Plc,"2,729.38",
Strathallan House,"1,978.96",
Strathbogie Forest And Garden Limited,"3,192.60",
Street Lighting Supplies Ltd,"1,301.64",
Streetmaster Products,"9,790.56",
Stronachs Llp,780.00,
Stuart Mcmartin T/A Parthian Systems,600.00,
Studioarc Design Consultants Ltd,"40,479.06",
Style Office Solutions Ltd,"2,385.74",
Sue Ryder Care - Aberdeen,"219,759.22",
Suez Recycling & Recovery Uk Ltd,"1,737,828.48",
Sumdog Ltd,"2,696.40",
Summerhill Home,"24,131.16",
Sunrite Baileys Blinds,651.00,
Super Stickers,33.36,
Supporta Care Ltd,"32,991.54",
Supra Uk Ltd,"2,053.07",
Surescreen Diagnostics Ltd,711.60,
Sutherlands Cakes Ltd,211.90,
Sutlow Dobbs Associates Ltd,"1,032.00",
Swan Veterinary Practice,305.09,
Swiis Foster Care Scotland Limited,"158,274.30",
Sword It Soltuions,"7,176.21",
Symbiosis Consulting Ltd,270.00,
Synergie Training Ltd,"2,274.00",
Systemslink 2000 Ltd,"6,180.00",
Talkingtech Uk Ltd,"3,159.60",
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council,"1,050.00",
Taylor Davenport Resourcing Ltd,"31,654.50",
Taylors Auto Electrical,"1,056.00",
Taylors Industrial Services,"1,164.00",
Technology Supplies Ltd,84.43,
Teejay Publishers,520.90,
Teledyne Bowtech Limited,"27,219.82",
Tennent Caledonian Breweries Wholesale Ltd,"5,565.13",
Terberg Matec Uk Ltd,116.76,
The Abbeyfield Strathgryffe Society Ltd,"1,392.00",
The Adolescent And Childrens Trust (Tact),"22,529.56",
The Association Of Directors Of Children'S,499.20,
The Award Scheme Ltd,"9,043.00",
The Beat Box,459.00,
The British Library,26.70,
The Bss Group Plc,755.99,
The Conservation Studio,"6,654.24",
The Consortium,"64,843.30",
The Critter Keeper,300.00,
The Double A Trading Co Ltd,51.94,
The Furnishing Service Ltd,"137,769.59",
The James Hutton Institute,"3,000.00",
The Knowledge Academy Ltd,954.00,
The Law Society Of Scotland,"4,475.33",
The Lawson Muirhead Nursing Home Ltd,"3,049.72",
The Leaving Care Company,"4,797.90",
The Living Well Project-Dementia Cafe,"9,615.09",
The Moray Council,"10,000.00",
The National Deaf Childrens Society,"2,544.73",
The National Trust For Scotland,80.00,
The Outward Bound Trust,"22,404.00",
The Penny Men Limited,338.91,
Therapeutic Counselling Service Ltd,"5,543.16",
The Rhythm Box,"3,000.00",
The Richmond Fellowship Scotland,"87,561.21",
Thermofisher Diagnostics,"4,537.20",
The Sandwich Larder Ltd,"7,345.09",
The Scottish Court Service,195.79,
The Scottish Guidance Association,90.00,
The Scottish Nursing Guild,"4,798.76",
The Speratus Group Ltd,"10,447.94",
The Stationery Office Ltd,35.53,
The Symphony Group Plc,"1,479.76",
The Workwear Stores Ltd,211.92,
Thinktastic Ltd,864.30,
This Is Remarkable Ltd T/A Remarkable,"3,951.84",
Thistle Services Cic,"6,508.80",
Thomas Fattorini Ltd,125.27,
Thompsons Solicitors,"54,925.50",
Thomson Reuters,470.00,
Thomson Scientific Sales & Services Ltd,"7,333.15",
Thornbridge Sawmills Ltd,"29,978.78",
Thornhill House,"3,531.76",
Tigh A Chomainn Camphill Ltd,"6,563.20",
Tillydrone Community Centre,"2,765.00",
Tillydrone Community Flat,"13,145.25",
Timpson Keys Direct Ltd,662.79,
Timstar Laboratory Supplies Ltd,"3,336.00",
Torry Academy,87.35,
Total Gas & Power,"189,469.83",
Totalmobile Ltd,"2,280.00",
Tps Fruit & Veg Ltd,"17,662.36",
Trade Uk,22.99,
Trainingplus.Com Limited,420.00,
Transition Extreme Sports Ltd,"100,392.00",
Travelstock (Packaging) Ltd,"3,850.22",
Travis Perkins Trading Company Ltd,"1,409.04",
Trestle Theatre Company Ltd,360.00,
Tripod Partners Ltd,"12,563.05",
Trophies International Limited,652.13,
Tsi Scottish Branch,432.00,
Tts Group Ltd,"8,627.28",
Tudor (Uk) Ltd T/A Tudor Environmental,"3,280.36",
Tunstall Healthcare (Uk) Ltd,"16,747.11",
Turning Point Aberdeen,"23,687.54",
Turning Point Scotland,"104,015.52",
Tusker Direct Ltd,"51,285.70",
Tuv Sud Limited T/A Wallace Whittle,"2,385.60",
Tv Licensing,"1,568.00",
Twig World Limited,"19,484.40",
Ultima Cleaning Ltd,"1,740.00",
Ultimate Judo Ltd,165.00,
Ulverscroft Large Print Books,"1,378.60",
Umax Ltd,"1,400.00",
United Supplies Ltd,625.97,
University Of Aberdeen,"5,325.00",
University Of Stirling,"1,378.00",
Upperkrust Aberdeen Ltd,533.90,
Ute Ltd T/A Urban Tide,"2,400.00",
Vaclensa Ltd,250.18,
Valentine Chauffeur Drive,108.00,
Valtti Specialist Coatings,116.24,
Vector Corrosion Technologies Limited,"11,730.00",
Vector Lettings Ltd,"7,108.60",
Vehicle Weighing Solutions Limited,"1,595.16",
Veitchi Flooring Ltd,"8,193.29",
Velocityuk Ltd,192.00,
Vent Systems Ltd,170.47,
Videk Ltd,"1,003.20",
Vodafone Limited,"42,128.68",
Voluntary Service Aberdeen (Vsa),"137,361.31",
Volvo Construction Group Uk Limited,922.75,
Volvo Truck & Bus Limited,"1,097.27",
Voyage Ltd,"5,523.76",
Water Coolers (Scotland) Limited,863.88,
Watermill Coaches Ltd,"24,080.00",
Waterproof World Ltd,701.00,
Waterstones Booksellers Ltd,291.53,
Waypoints (Plymouth) Ltd,"3,655.00",
Wea Scottish Association,"7,863.00",
W Enterprises (Abdn) Ltd,"15,917.82",
Wessex Pictures,668.01,
Westend Glass & Glazing Ltd,"1,938.07",
Western Automobile Company T/A Western,"2,045.46",
Westfield Advert Spec. Ltd,656.70,
Westhill Marketing Limited,558.00,
W F Howes Ltd,43.15,
Wfl (Uk) Limited,"3,755.72",
Whale Tankers Ltd,171.07,
Whytes Coaches Ltd,"3,125.44",
Wicksteed Leisure Ltd,73.80,
Wild Things Environmental Education In Action,525.00,
William Anderson Cars Ltd,"41,700.28",
William P Whiland & Son Limited,942.00,
William Rae (Aberdeen) Ltd,"256,310.40",
William Simpson'S Home,"7,853.76",
William Wilson Ltd,"85,604.68",
Windmill Special Needs Co Ltd,575.70,
Wings For Warriors,"2,500.00",
Winkhaus Uk Ltd,"2,831.39",
Winter And Simpson Print,"1,584.60",
Wishtrac House Limited,223.19,
Wittur Limited,654.00,
Wm Morton Ltd T/A Inverarity Morton,"3,583.10",
Wolseley Uk Ltd,"108,361.84",
Woodall Nicholson Ltd,311.44,
Wood Recyclability Ltd,"5,027.31",
Woodside Community Centre,"1,000.00",
Woodward Foodservice Ltd,"3,096.95",
Worldline It Services Uk Ltd,"4,315.26",
Wrixon Care,781.20,
Wsp Uk Ltd,"25,468.80",
Wurth Uk Limited,953.50,
W & W Mackie Ltd,"5,490.00",
Wynford Farm Park,271.00,
Xma Limited,"32,976.91",
Xpress Image Communications,"2,353.79",
Yoga By Charlie,210.00,
Youth Scotland,4.30,
Youth Team,"3,569.32",
Zenith Resource Aberdeen Limited,600.00,
Zoolab Limited,298.80,
Zurich Insurance Company,"1,688,323.84",