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Celia Emery 
If calling please ask for:
Kenny McKaig 01382 434577
Dear Sir/Madam
Freedom of Information Request Reference No. 20180410007   
I refer to your request of 10/04/2018
The answers to your questions are as follows:  
For clarity, in all requests, if the response to a specific question is ‘one 
case’ or ‘two cases, please respond with ‘fewer than three cases’. If the 
response to a specific question is ‘zero cases’, please say so.
1• How many individual referrals to Children’s Social Care Services were made in 
your Local Authority, involving suspected Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) 
and/or Muchausens By Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) in 2015?
2• In those referrals involving suspected FII or MBPS in 2015, how are they 
defined to be genuine cases of FII or MBPS?
3• Please provide a breakdown of the overall number of these referrals involving 
suspected FII or MBPS in 2015, by the type of organisation that made the initial 
referral. For the NHS and Local Authority categories, please break down by 
Type of Organisation ------- Clinic or Department 
Local Authority 
Schools (please do not identify individual schools). 
Other (Please describe type of organisation in this case)
Number of referrals made on the grounds of FII or MBPS for each of those 
departments in 2015.
Please provide these statistics in a table format.
4• In how many of these referrals involving suspected FII or MBPS in 2015 were, 
children removed from families and placed for adoption? How many were returned to 
families? Please specify a figure for each question.
5• In each of these referrals were suspected FII or MBPS was not substantiated. 
How many of these cases were, closed completely with records amended to reflect 
no FII or MBPS? How many were subject to on-going monitoring? Please specify a 
figure for each question please.
2-5 Not applicable.
Your Right to Appeal

If you are unhappy with this reply you may require the Council to review its actions and decisions in relation to your 
The requirement for review must:-
be in writing or other permanent form (please address it to me);
state your name and give an address for correspondence;
specify the original request for information and the matter which gives rise to your dissatisfaction; and
be made within 40 working days of the date of this response, although the Council may, if it considers it 
appropriate to do so, consider requirements for review after that time has passed. 
Your requirement for review will be dealt with by the Chief Executive. He will reply to you in writing promptly and in any 
event within 20 working days. He may:-                 
confirm my decision with or without modification;
substitute a different decision for my decision;
and will give you his reasons for so doing. If you are unhappy with the Chief Executive's decision you may then appeal 
to the Scottish Information Commissioner. You must submit your appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner 
within six months of receiving the Chief Executive's decision.
Further details on the Scottish Information Commissioner's appeal procedure can be found using the direct link or email xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx or telephone (01334) 464610 or write 
to Scottish Information Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes Road, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9DS.
Yours faithfully
Kenneth McKaig
Legal Manager