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Naval Service FOI  
Co-ordination Cell 
Navy Command Headquarters 

Navy Command 
MP 1-4 
Leach Building 
Whale Island 
Our Ref: 11-12-2008-074139-002 
Telephone:  02392 625081 
e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx 

            19 January 2009 
via email: 
Dear Pat 
Request for Information – Additional Time to Reply 
Further to our letter of 12 December 2008, I am writing to inform you that we are not 
yet in a position to provide you with a substantive reply to your request for 
information on the historic ships and aircraft the Royal Navy is responsible for 
I am sorry that it is taking longer than originally hoped to conclude matters regarding 
your request.  I will contact you again as soon as we have the information, or by 13 
February, if the process has not been completed.  
If you are unhappy with this response or you wish to complain about any aspect of 
the handling of your request, then you should contact me in the first instance.  If 
informal resolution is not possible and you are still dissatisfied then you may apply 
for an independent internal review by contacting the Director of Information 
Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SW1A 2HB (e-mail Info-
xx@xxx.xx).  Please note that any request for an internal review must be made 
within 40 working days of the date on which the attempt to reach informal resolution 
has come to an end. 
If you remain unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to 
the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 of the Freedom of 
Information Act. Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate 
the case until the internal review process has been completed. Further details of the 
role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the 
Commissioner’s website, 
Yours sincerely 
Heather Godfrey 

The Constitution Unit, a research body at University College London, is carrying out an 
independent evaluative study of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in co-operation with a 
number of public authorities, including the Ministry of Defence. An important part of the 
evaluation process is gathering the experiences and opinions of FOI requesters like you. 
Any information you provide will only be seen by the Constitution Unit and will be handled in 
accordance with its privacy policy explained in the survey. The Ministry of Defence will only 
see the published results: no individual responses will be visible to us and your participation 
will have no effect on your future dealings with the Ministry. 

If you would like to take part in this study, please visit the following link to be taken directly to 
the survey: Or, if you prefer, contact Ben Worthy at 
x.xxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx or on 020 7679 4974 to ask more about the study.  
If you have filled this survey out before, we invite you to fill it out again in light of the recent 
response to your request.