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Paul Turner 
(By email) 
Our Ref: MGLA011217-6362   
4 January 2017 
Dear Mr Turner 
Thank you for your request for information which the GLA received on 1 December 2017. Your 
request has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  
You asked for a copy of the written submission provided by Baroness Karren Brady in relation to 
the Moore Stephens Olympic Stadium Review Appendix 1. 
The GLA was in general not party to discussions between Moore Stephens and those who 
provided evidence to its (independent) investigation, but in this case we do hold some 
correspondence, which we have identified as being within the scope of your request which I 
have attached. 
If you have any further questions relating to this matter, please contact me, quoting the 
reference MGLA011217-6362   
Yours sincerely  
Paul Robinson 
Information Governance Officer 
If you are unhappy with the way the GLA has handled your request, you may complain using the 
GLA’s FOI complaints and internal review procedure, available at: